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7 Best Trolling Rods For Walleye In 2022

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Trolling For Fishing Is One of the most enjoyable fishing Techniques. There Are Some Differences Between General Fishing and Trolling Fishing. You Can’t use general fishing Rod & reel in trolling Fishing.

Today I Talk About The Best Trolling Rods For Walleye. When You Pick A fishing rod for trolling, you must check- Is the rod trolling approved?

That means you should check rod blanks, very high-quality rod guides, rod action, require backbone for trolling, Good handle for perfect adjust in the rod holder, and some other things also. But You Should Not Worry About This. Here I Will Show You The 7 Best Trolling Rods For Walleye.

The Best Trolling Rods for Walleye will provide you with the most sensitivity and control. To get the most sensitivity and control, you should choose a long-length rod with an action-specific taper. This type of rod is usually best for fishing in deeper waters. If you plan to fish in shallow waters, you should choose a shorter rod. For more advanced fishing techniques, use a medium-length rod that will give you the most sensitivity and control.

Traditional rods are constructed with fiberglass, but recent innovations have made graphite rods more durable and flexible. Most manufacturers of these rods have done their best to keep supply and demand balanced. Graphite-based rods are cheaper and can be as durable as fiberglass rods. The Daiwa Accudepth is one of the cheapest options. Aside from this, it is compatible with a line counter reel.

The Ugly Stik walleye trolling rod comes with a sturdy carbon-graphite blank and aluminum oxide guides. Both of these materials are corrosion-resistant and durable. This rod is great for freshwater and is designed for ten to thirty pounds of line. If you’re trying to catch more walleye, consider getting a long rod. And remember to check the line length for the setup you’ll be using.

7 Best Trolling Rods for Walleye 

These rods are made with high-quality building materials like carbon or high modulus graphite. The building methods are also great and innovative. All these rods come up with a comfortable grip and handle to hold the rod. The lengths and actions are customized for walleye fishing.

Our fishing experts ran on a survey all over the market and they came up with this result. If you’re looking for a walleye trolling rod, you can try any of these.

Let’s get into reviews!

7 Best Trolling Rods for Walleye Reviews & Buying Guide

01. Okuma SCT-S-701MH Sct Trolling Rod

Okuma Fishing Tackle Okuma SCT Spiral Carbon Technology Albacore Rods- SCT-AS-701MH Okuma SCT Spiral Carbon Technology Albacore Rods- SCT-AS-701MH

The best trolling rod for walleye is the Okuma SCT-S-701MH Sct Trolling Rod. This one is made by the famous brand Okuma. They’re pretty popular in the fishing sector. They’ve been making gears for fishing for a long time now and they’re cutting the market pretty well. This rod comes up with almost every feature you need while you’ll be trolling for walleye.

The length of this rod is 7 feet. The length is specially designed for especially walleye fishing. This one is basically a fast action fishing rod that comes up with carbon blanks. The rod contains spiral carbon technology that gives improved durability and strength. Besides, the rod has Fuji guides and reel seats. These guides give you great compatibility while you’re using a braided line. The number of guides is 7 + tip.

Another important feature is the EVA handle. This handle can provide you with a great foregrip. The composite carbon fiber construction gives you durability and strength for heavy action. It also comes up with a dual helix wrap configuration of carbon fiber. The rod is extremely lightweight and easy to hold. If you think about the price and compare the features, this can be your best choice.

What Makes this Rod Stand Out

  • Extremely lightweight rod
  • Highly durable and versatile
  • Spiral carbon technology
  • Dual helix wrap config
  • 7 feet long rod
  • Fast action
  • Heavy power
  • EVA handle
  • Carbon fiber as a building material


02. SHIMANO Talora Downrigger Planer Board Rod

Shimano Talora Downrigger Freshwater|Trolling Fishing Rods, 2pc - Power: Med - Action: ModerateFast [TLA80M2A], Length: 8'0"

This is our second pick. This one comes from the brand Shimano. If you’re fishing for a long time, there are chances that you’ve used their products before. They make reels and lines too! The brand Shimano is one of the most popular brands for fishing rods. This one is made with high modulus graphite which makes your rod durable and long-lasting. Here are its features.

This Shimano walleye rod has TC4 construction. This construction method is one of the toughest construction methods. It makes the rod hard and strong. It also makes it long-lasting. The Shimano Walleye rod also features Fuji aluminum oxide guides. These guides make the lining easier. Like the previous Okuma rod, this one also has a Fuji reel seat.

This reel seat assures that your reel is staying safe and sound and doing its job properly. Besides, it has EVA grips to make your fishing actions smoother. This kind of grips gives you the smoothness of fishing. the building material used in this rod is high modulus graphite. This makes your rod durable and gives you a new experience of smoothness while fishing.

What Makes this Rod Stand Out

  • High modulus graphite as the building material
  • EVA handle grip
  • TC4 construction for durability
  • Fuji reel seat
  • Fuji guides
  • A dynamic T glass composition
  • Highly durable rod
  • Versatile in many ways


03. KastKing WideEye Walleye Fishing Rod


Here’s another master class fishing rod that’s specially made for walleye fishing and comes from the mighty brand Kastking. This brand is pretty popular in this sector too! Comparing the features and facilities of this rod we’ve ranked it at number 3 at our best trolling rods for walleye list. Let’s take a look at those.

The kastking wide-eye walleye fishing rod is made for extreme power and sensitivity. It makes your fishing actions faster and smoother. It comes up with toray IM9 blanks that can easily deliver fishing actions.

Like the previous Shimano rod, this one also has fuji reel guides. The guides come up in two different forms for spinning and baitcasting. Besides, it has a Fuji reel seat and that also comes up in two forms for spinning and baitcasting. This one is a light rod designed for walleye fishing. High-quality carbon is used to make this rod that makes it light yet strong and powerful.

The 3A cork handle of this rod gives you convenience while you’re fishing. Like other popular walleye fishing rods, this one also has EVA handle that can provide you with extraordinary grip. If you use this rod for walleye fishing, you’ll get the result as it’s specially made for walleye fishing.

What Makes this Rod Stand Out

  • EVA handle and foregrip
  • 3A cork handle
  • High-quality carbon material
  • IM9 carbon blanks
  • Extremely lightweight walleye rod
  • Fuji reel seats
  • Made for extreme power and sensitivity
  • Fuji reel guides
  • Different rod lengths


04. Berkley Buzz Ramsey Air Series Trolling Rod


The brand Berkley is a bit underrated in this sector but being underrated doesn’t mean they’re inept. They make good quality rods and this air series rod is one of their best products. This rod comes with a complex matrix construction which makes it one of the best walleye rods. Let’s take a look at the features.

The length of this walleye rod is 7.9 feet. This length is specially designed for walleye fishing. It contains an exposed blank that comes up with a trigger design that helps a lot at walleye fishing. This rod is extremely light as it contains a composite construction. The guides of this rod are titanium coated Ss304 guides. This one also contains a high-quality reel seat to keep your reel at its place.

The rubberized shrink wrapped handle gives you the convenience of long sessions. It makes easier to hold the rod and to cast. The air series rod is extremely light and durable. It’s too much smooth for walleye fishing that makes it one of the best trolling rods for walleye.

What Makes this Rod Stand Out

  • Rubberized shrink handle
  • Exposed blank for smooth operation
  • feet long rod
  • Has composite construction
  • Extremely light rod
  • Titanium coated inserts and guides


05. St Croix Triumph Casting Rods

St. Croix Rods Triumph Casting Rod MHF, 6'6"

After making mojo series rods, they came up with this. Discussing the brand St Croix and they’re pretty popular too for making fishing rods especially. St Croix Triumph Casting rod is one of the best trolling rods for walleye because of its premium graphite construction. You can hook up giant walleyes with this rod easily. The action and the power of this rod are cool and suitable for walleye fishing.

The length of this rod is a bit low. It comes up with 6.6 feet in length. This length is specially designed for trolling actions. This rod is extremely light as it contains a premium quality construction. The material used for making this rod is high-quality graphite. The graphite is mid modulus and it has a higher strain rate than common fibers. This makes the rod much sensitive and highly durable.

The St. Croix rod comes up with a premium quality cork handle that features a great grip. It also has fuji reel seats. The guides of this reel are made with hard aluminum oxide. The power of this reel is medium-high and it’s basically a fast action rod. The most tempting feature of this reel is it’s backed up with limited 5 years of warranty. You don’t have to worry about repair then.

What Makes this Rod Stand Out

  • 6.6 feet long rod
  • Premium grade graphite construction
  • Medium high power rod
  • Fast action
  • Hard aluminum-oxide guides
  • Fuji reel seat
  • Backed up with a warranty


06. TICA BCMB Boat Trolling Fishing Rod Series

St. Croix Rods Eyecon Trolling Fishing Rod


TICA makes top quality rods and all their available rods in the market are great. This one is made by the brand TICA. They used strong fiberglass material composition to make this rod. This construction made the rod tough and long-lasting. It has EVA grip and premium ring guides. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly fishing rod and your target is walleye, you can go for this one.

This one is made with high-quality fiberglass material and composition of high modulus graphite. This construction made this reel extremely light and durable. The powerful rod design of this one gives you access to perform agile action. This rod also has high-quality titanium ring guides.

The reel seat of this rod is a bit different from other rods. It has a high-quality Tica Dps aluminum reel seat. This reel seat is pretty strong and secured. The EVA front grip is extra tough. It also has a sleek nylon rear grip. This rod is extremely durable and versatile. You can use it for various actions of walleye fishing. If you check out the price, this one can be your priority.

What Makes this Rod Stand Out

  • High modulus graphite construction
  • Fiberglass composite material
  • Titanium oxide ring guides
  • Aluminum reel seat
  • Highly durable walleye rod
  • EVA front grip
  • Versatile for various actions
  • Sleek nylon rear grip


07. Fenwick Eagle Telescopic Trolling


If you’ve come through the whole article and didn’t find any of these products interesting, we’ve got another budget-friendly walleye rod designed for you. You can rely on us and try this one. It is made by the brand Fenwick. This brand makes rods for various fishing actions and methods. Besides, they use high-quality products on every rod. Let’s check out what the Fenwick trolling rod got.

The Fenwick walleye rod contains a B2 burled cork design. Though it provides the feel of a traditional cork it’s more durable and chip resistant. The stainless steel inserts and stainless steel guides are light in weight. These guides are strong and corrosion-resistant. The Fenwick is the first rod that comes up with corrosion-resistant features.

The main material of this rod is high-quality graphite. The construction of this rod is made for almost all kinds of fish. The Fenwick walleye reel is extremely durable and lightweight. But it works for almost every fish. It can be the best walleye trolling rod for the money.

What Makes this Rod Stand Out

  • B2 burled cork design
  • Chip-resistant cork
  • The high-quality graphite material
  • Corrosion-resistant guides and inserts
  • Stainless steel guides
  • Lightweight walleye rod


F.A.Q Section

What makes a good trolling rod for walleye?

The length of the rod is a key factor in determining its performance. A rod with a longer length will provide you with greater power for fishing walleye. A long rod is also more maneuverable and will help you fight the fish. Choose a medium-heavy power and action for your walleye troll. The optimum line weight is between ten and twenty pounds. You can use lures that weigh from 3/8 to full ounces with this rod.

When choosing a rod, consider the weight of the lure. A long rod will be less sensitive than a short one, but a short rod will be more efficient. For walleye trollers, a long rod with a small diameter is recommended. A light, sensitive rod will not be effective when trolling. If you have a long boat, a long rod will help you change direction with the boat.


Walleye trolling rod length

When fishing for walleye, the ideal rod length can vary depending on your personal preferences. Some people prefer fast, stiff, and lightweight rods while others prefer soft rods for finesse. However, the right rod length for you depends on your fishing style. If you are a novice or want to increase your chances of success, you can always opt for a shorter rod. Regardless of your personal preference, it is important to select the right length for you.

As with all other fishing equipment, a good rod length for walleye will be dependent on the type of setup you use. A 5 or 6-foot rod is ideal for jigging, but 8-foot rods work just as well. When choosing the length of your troll rod, you can use a snap weight or a three-way rig to maximize your odds of hooking a walleye.

Another factor to consider when choosing the length of your walleye rod is how you plan to use it. The most common use for a long stick is for muskies and steelhead. While walleye are still a relatively new species of fish, many anglers are finding them a great way to reach their target. While a long rod is not necessary for every type of fishing, it is definitely an advantage for those who want to increase their chances of landing a walleye.

What kind of rod is best for trolling?

When it comes to choosing a trolling rod, size matters. If you plan to use the rod to catch a saltwater fish, choose a heavier one. If you plan to use the rod for catching lighter biting fish with small mouths, then go for a lightweight one. The length of a rod is an important factor in choosing the right rod for trolling. The type of fishing gear you’re using also matters, as the size of the fish will affect the amount of power needed.

How long should a walleye trolling rod be?

Walleye trolling rods have several benefits, including a moderate action taper, high backbone, and balanced action. The taper on the top half of the rod provides flexibility for big fish while hauling in the planer board. Also, a medium-action rod provides extra cushioning for the strain a large fish can cause on the line. In addition, a medium-action rod is easier to use, and is better suited for the more demanding waters.

As the name suggests, a long walleye trolling rod should be able to cover a lot of water, and it should also be flexible. A rod with a moderate-action taper has a long length, but the perfect length is dependent on the length of the planer board and the weight of the fish. A longer rod will also prevent the rod from being bent or twisted while the fish are being hooked.

Best rod power and rod action for  trolling

When you’re trolling, the right rod power and action are critical to your success. There are many variables to consider when choosing the best rod for trolling. Some fishers prefer light action while others prefer medium to heavy rods. There are many factors to consider when choosing a fishing pole. Read this guide to determine the right power and action for you. This article will help you find the perfect rod for your trolling needs.

Choose the right power and action for your particular type of fishing. First, determine the type of water you plan to fish. If you’re trolling for bass, for instance, you’ll need a powerful rod for a deep-water environment. If you plan to cast over clear, open water, you’ll want a light-action, flexible rod. To find the right power and angle for trolling, you’ll need to know how much line you’re planning to use.

The right rod power and action is crucial to your success. Longer rods produce sweeping hook sets, which is ideal for catching large fish. Slow-action, on the other hand, allows you to set the hook with less pressure. In addition, slow-action, medium-action, and light-action rods are better suited for small, shallow-water fishing. But, be careful when choosing a rod! It’s important to know how much pressure you need before casting to avoid breaking a line.

How to set up your tackle for trolling

One of the most important aspects of fishing is the way you set up your tackle. It can make a big difference in the success of your fishing trip. It’s easy to get frustrated when your line starts to spool when you hook a big fish, but you can minimize this by setting up your tackle correctly from the start.

Here are a few tips for a successful trolling trip: Use a braided line as backing to avoid spooling, and replace it about once a year. Also, use a top shot, which is a monofilament, on the business end of your line.

If you’re new to trolling, it’s best to stick with conventional reels that give you more line. You need more line for troll fishing, and you’ll want to make sure you’re using enough of it. But don’t forget to change the hooks if they’re not working. Using different rigs makes trolling easier, and it’s important to use the right line for each species.

The most important terminal tackle to use when trolling is a ball-bearing snap swivel. These swivels allow you to rotate lures while you’re fishing. This allows you to control the direction and speed of your troll, which is critical when fighting a fish. Traditional snap swivels will not spin under pressure and can get tangled up.

You need a quality trolling tackle to attract fish. A rigger is another essential piece of tackle for this technique. The rigger helps you place the bait at the right depths. Most trolling boats have two to six rods. Most have rod holders along the gunwales. These allow you to have a large variety of lures to choose from. To keep your rig from getting tangled up, you can use the weights as a guide.

Besides lead weights, you need to make sure you have different-sized hooks in your tackle box. You cannot use the same size hook for different kinds of fish. So, you need to have different sizes and types of hooks in your fishing gear. This will help you catch more fish. This is also important when using a keel weight to push your gear deeper. If you need more than one hook, you can tie them together.

Downriggers are a lightweight technique that allows you to reach moderate depths. Unlike other methods, they are ideal for light-tackle situations. In addition to riggers, you also need to learn how to set up your tackle for trolling. This is the best way to catch fish. If you are new to trolling, you can buy a downrigger for free and save money.

There are several types of terminal tackle. The most common is the lead weight. A lead weight will allow you to reach moderate depths. It will also provide you with a more stable troll. You need a heavy lure with a heavy-weighted head because it will be difficult to turn it. However, you should use a heavier hook to catch bigger fish. These lures will cost you a lot of money.


3 Exclusive Walleye Trolling Tips

  • Try to fish in shallow covers

There’s a rumor that the walleye is a kind of fish that stays in the deep of the lake. Well, the fact is true for giant walleyes. Those who are afraid of going to shallow. In other cases, walleyes stay where the amount of food is high.

Almost every baitfish stays at shallow covers. So, while you’re fishing and you’re not getting the result, try to go shallow. Maybe there are fishes those are running after baitfishes.

  • Change speed from time to time

Almost every angler does this mistake. When they don’t get their desired result, they think of changing the lure. They bring variation in lure size and weight. But they don’t change the speed of their lures. In such cases, changing speed can be the key to success.

  • You need to know where your bait is

While you’re searching for walleyes, you need to know where your bait is. Is it close to the bottom or is it near to the target? You need to add or release weight if needed.

How to choose the best trolling rod for walleye

When you’re buying a trolling rod for walleye and you want the best one, you need to focus on a few things. There are a thousand rods available on the market and you may get confused while you’re choosing one of those. There are a few steps that can help you while you’re buying. Let’s discuss those.

Step 1: Check the building material. Make sure your rod is made with high-quality material like composite carbon or high modulus graphite.

Step 2: Check the building method. Make sure your rod comes up with an innovative design that makes it light and tough.

Step 3: Check the grip. Check the handle and make sure it gives a great grip. Without a smooth grip, you won’t be able to fish perfectly.

Step 4: Check rod power and action. For walleye fishing, every angler prefers medium-high power fast action rod.

Step 5: Check the construction of the blank. Make sure it’s comfortable and designed for walleye fishing.

Step 6: Check other features like the reel seat and the ring guides. Make sure your rod has corrosion resistance power and it’s durable. That’s all!


So, these are our best trolling rods for walleye. We’ve tried to share the best ones available on the market right now with their features, pros, and cons. These are tested by our fishing experts. If you’re searching for the best walleye trolling rod, you can go for one of these undoubtedly.

To read more articles like this one, visit our website. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to leave a comment here or contact us.

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