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7 Best Trolling Rods For Walleye In 2020 [Trolling Special]

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Trolling For Fishing Is One of the most enjoyable fishing Techniques. There Are Some Differences Between General Fishing and Trolling Fishing. You Can’t use general fishing Rod & reel in trolling Fishing. Today I Talk About The Best Trolling Rods For Walleye. When You Pick A fishing rod for trolling, you must check- Is the rod trolling approved? That means you should check rod blanks, very high-quality rod guides, rod action, require backbone for trolling, Good handle for perfect adjust in the rod holder and some other things also. But You Should Not Worry About This. Here I Will Show You The 7 Best Trolling Rods For Walleye. 

Now, What is the best trolling rod for walleye? Well, the answer to the question is the Okuma SCT-S-701MH Sct Trolling Rod. But we have a list of top walleye trolling rods available on the market right now. Here it is,

  • Okuma SCT-S-701MH Sct Trolling Rod
  • SHIMANO Talora Downrigger Planer Board Rod
  • KastKing WideEye Walleye Fishing Rod
  • Berkley Buzz Ramsey Air Series Trolling Rod
  • St Croix Triumph Casting Rods
  • TICA BCMB Boat Trolling Fishing Rod Series
  • Fenwick Eagle Telescopic Trolling

These rods are made with high-quality building material like carbon or high modulus graphite. The building methods are also great and innovative. All these rods come up with a comfortable grip and handle to hold the rod. The lengths and actions are customized for walleye fishing.

Our fishing experts ran on a survey all over the market and they came up with this result. If you’re looking for a walleye trolling rod, you can try any of these.

Let’s get into reviews!

7 Best Trolling Rods for Walleye



Product Name



1 Okuma SCT-S-701MH Sct Trolling Boat Rod, 7' Length, 1 Piece Rod, Medium/Heavy Power, Fast Action 01. Okuma SCT-S-701MH Sct Trolling Rod
2 SHIMANO Talora Downrigger Rod 02. SHIMANO Talora Downrigger Planer Board Rod
3 KastKing WideEye Walleye Fishing Rods, Telescopic Casting-8ft 6in-M-Trolling 03. KastKing WideEye Walleye Fishing Rod

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