Best Spinning Reel For Walleye

9 Best Spinning Reel For Walleye In 2023

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Are you, thinking of trying your hand at walleye fishing? Are you searching for the best reel for walleye to hook up the big buddies? You’re at the right place!

Walleye are among the trickiest fish and they require not only professional level technique but also proper gear and pieces of equipment. Walleye are basically freshwater fish of the perch family. This type of fish is a bit common. They are considered as one of the stocked game fish. The shape of the walleye is a bit rare. They’re long and thin and gold or olive in color. Has a white belly with two dorsal fins in their body.

However, to catch a giant walleye you can apply multiple techniques. But in common, there are spinning, jigging, etc.

Our today’s topic is walleye spinning reels. In this article, we’re going to share the top and best spinning reels for walleye in the market with their pros and cons. To help you with buying, we will also share a buying guide at the end. With which, you’ll be able to determine easily which reel is good for you, what you need to check before buying a reel.

So, let’s start!

9 Best Spinning Reel For Walleye

  1.  Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel
  2.  SHIMANO STRADIC Freshwater Spinning Fishing Reel
  3.  Cadence CS10 Spinning Reels
  4.  Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel
  5.  Piscifun Carbon X Spinning Reel
  6.  Penn Fierce II Spinning Fishing Reel
  7.  KastKing Sharky III Fishing Reel
  8.  Okuma RTX Lightweight Carbon Frame High-Speed Spinning Reel
  9.  Cadence CS4 Spinning Reels

9 Best Spinning Reel For Walleye Review with Pros & Cons!

01. Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel

PENN 1338219 Battle II 4000 Spinning Fishing Reel

If you’re looking for the best one, this is it. The Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel is the best spinning reel for walleye. This one is made by the mighty brand Penn with innovative building methods and upper-quality building material. If you’re a newbie in the fishing sector, the brand might be new to you. But the Penn is one of the first priorities of wise anglers worldwide.

This Penn Battle II Spinning Fishing Reel comes up with different packages. And the surprising fact is, the package number is not only one or two. This fishing reel comes up with 10 different packages. Every package has different specs and features.

The common features of the packages are, every reel is made with high-quality aluminum.  The body and the rotor are made with high-quality metal to give you long-term durability.

This spinning reel contains aluminum ball wire to perform a smooth action. Besides, it has a carbon fiber drag system and carbon fiber drag washer. This system actually allows you to perform a powerful cast and catch the giant one.

The pros

  • Designed for game battle
  • Carbon fiber drag system
  • Aluminum ball wire
  • 6+ ball bearings in every package
  • Corrosion-resistant feature
  • A high-quality metal side plate
  • Extremely lightweight and durable
  • 6.2:1 gear ratio average

The cons

  • The price is quite high


02. SHIMANO STRADIC Freshwater Spinning Fishing Reel


Shimano Sedona 4000 FI Spinning Fishing Reel Model 2017, SE4000FI

This spinning reel of Shimano is Ideal for walleye because this one is made for freshwater battle and walleye are fish of freshwater source. However, we ranked it at the 2nd position on our top spinning reels list.

Using the latest technology of Shimano made this one the best walleye spinning reel. It contains an X-ship technology that provides upper-quality gear durability and reduces the friction between gear enhancing and spool shaft.

The maximum drag of this spinning reel is 24 lbs and it comes up with a 6.2:1 gear ratio. This one is extremely lightweight and weighs only 9.7 Oz.

The pros

  • 24 lbs max drag
  • 6.2:1 gear ratio
  • 6+1 ball bearings
  • Great line retrieve and power
  • X-ship technology

The cons

  • The body can’t prevent scratches


03. Cadence CS10 Spinning Reels

Spinning Reel,CS10 Strong Premium Magnesium Frame Fishing Reel with 11 Durable & Corrosion Resistant Bearings for Saltwater or Freshwater,Super Smooth Powerful Reel with 36LBs Max Drag 6.2:1 Spin Reel

This one is pretty underrated in the fishing sector. We haven’t heard from them for a long time now. Whatever, being underrated doesn’t mean low-quality products.

This Cadence CS10 spinning fishing reel is one of the best walleye fishing reels. This one is made with ultralight premium quality magnesium which is hard enough to provide long-term durability. The frame, body, and side plate are strong enough.

It comes up with 10+1 ball bearings with corrosion-resistant features. Besides, for smooth and powerful casting, it has a carbon fiber drag system. This drag system of the CS10 can provide up to 19 Lb maximum drag. The gear ratio of this reel is 6.2:1.

The pros

  • Highly durable
  • Multiple functioning available
  • Ultralight magnesium frame
  • 10+1 ball bearings
  • Carbon fiber drag system
  • 6.2:1 gear ratio

The cons

  • Has some shipping restrictions


04. Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel

Okuma ABF65b Avenger ABF "B" Series Baitfeeder Reels

Here’s another mighty brand’s product. From the beginning of fishing accessories, Okuma is one of the best brands. This Okuma Avengers fishing reel is at the 4th position of our ranking. Let’s take a look at its features in order to learn more.

This Okuma reel comes up with 6 stainless steel ball bearings. Bearings made with high-quality steel. So, you don’t have to worry about rust. There’s one quick anti-reverse bearing too to make your fishing more reliable and smoother.

The Okuma Avenger has a Hydro block Drag seal. Besides, it has brass pinion gear to make your fishing more pleasant.

The pros

  • 6 stainless steel ball bearings
  • 1 anti-reverse bearing
  • Quick action
  • Corrosion-resistant feature
  • Highly durable
  • Brass pinion gear

The cons

  • The pinion gear is a bit tricky


05. Piscifun Carbon X Spinning Reel

Piscifun Carbon X Spinning Reels - Light to 5.7oz, 6.2:1 High Speed Gear Ratio, Carbon Frame and Rotor, 10+1 Shielded BB, Smooth Powerful Freshwater Spinning Fishing Reel (2000 Series)

This spinning reel is great for walleye fishing because it performs great in both saltwater and freshwater. As the walleye is a fish of freshwater, this one can do good. However, we ranked this one at number 5.

The most surprising fact is this one is extremely lightweight. It weighs only 5.6 Oz. And in spite of being lightweight, this one can provide great power. The gear ratio of this Piscifun reel is 6.2:1. This is basically a high-speed gear ratio.

This spinning reel contains 10+1 ball bearings with an anti-corrosion feature to make your fishing smooth. Besides, there is a braid-ready spool.

The pros

  • Weighs only 5.6 Oz
  • 6.2:1 gear ratio
  • Carbon frame and rotor
  • 10+1 ball bearings
  • Corrosion-resistant feature
  • Braid ready spool

The cons

  • Knob and handle require much attention


06. Penn Fierce II Spinning Fishing Reel

PENN® Fierce® III Reel

Here comes another Penn brand product. This one is considered one of the best spinning reels for walleye because of its mind-blowing features.

This one is liked by wise anglers for its premium quality performance and long-term durability. The durable construction it contains is made with heavy-duty aluminum. It has a fluid cranking method with 4 shielded stainless steel ball bearings. There’s an anti-reverse bearing too for your smooth operation.

For superior torque and leverage, it has a techno-balanced rotor. The superfine is braided ready and it doesn’t require any backing.

The pros

  • Long durability
  • Premium performance
  • Heavy-duty construction material
  • Fluid cranking method
  • 4+1 stainless steel ball bearings

The cons

  • The anti-reverse is a little weak


07. KastKing Sharky III Fishing Reel

KastKing Sharky III Spinning Fishing Reel,Size 3000

Here is another great reel maker brand. This reel is quite lower than the Penn and Shimano. In our other reviews, Reels of Kastking used to stay at the top position. However, this new spinning reel is at the 7th position of our top 9 best spinning reels for the walleye list.

This one comes up with a giant drag of 39.5 Lbs. You see, this power is quite enough to hook up big buddies. To provide you with extreme power, this reel has a carbon fiber drag system.

This one contains 10+1 ball bearings with an anti-corrosion feature. This one is also designed for both salt and fresh water. Besides, there’s an oversize shaft added to this reel.

The pros

  • Highly durable and versatile
  • Carbon fiber drag system
  • 39.5 Lbs max drag
  • 10+1 stainless steel ball bearings
  • Ideal for salt and freshwater

The cons

  • Line retrieval is a bit tricky


08. Okuma RTX Lightweight Carbon Frame High-Speed Spinning Reel

Okuma RTX-35S RTX Extremely Lightweight High Speed Spinning Reel

The 8th product is another masterpiece of the brand Okuma. It is one of the classic looking reels made for freshwater fish like walleye.

The interesting fact is, this spinning reel is not only limited in one package. It comes up with 4 different packages. Every package has different specifications and features.

However, one of the common features is this fishing reel is made of high-quality material. It comes up in the market with 7 ball bearings and an anti-reverse bearing. Bearings are made of stainless steel and are corrosion resistant. The gear ratio is 6.0:1.

The pros

  • High-quality material
  • Innovative building method
  • Rtx spinning reel
  • 7+1 ball bearings
  • 6.0:1 gear ratio
  • Extremely lightweight

The cons

  • The reel is a bit clunky when bail closes


09. Cadence CS4 Spinning Reels

CS4 Spinning Reel,Cadence Ultralight & Fast Speed Carbon Frame Fishing Reel with 8 Low Torque Bearings Super Smooth Powerful Fishing Reel Spinning with 16 pounds Carbon Fiber Drag & 6.2:1 Gear Ratio Reel

If you have come through all those spinning reels described above and didn’t find any of those interesting enough, here we have another masterpiece of the brand Cadence for you. You can give this one a try.

This one is made of ultralight carbon composite. The frame and the body are pretty hard and tough. Your fishing experience will be much better with this highly durable carbon composite spinning reel. It has 7+1 ball bearings for smooth operation. The bearings are made of stainless steel and have corrosion-resistant features.

For powerful drag, this one has a carbon fiber drag system. With which you can get a maximum 16 Lb of drag power. The gear ratio of this walleye fishing reel is 6.2:1.

The pros

  • Carbon composite frame and body
  • Highly durable and versatile
  • 7+1 ball bearings with corrosion-resistant feature
  • Carbon fiber drag system
  • 16 lbs max drag
  • 6.2:1 gear ratio

The cons

  • The operation is a bit noisy


How to Buy the Best Spinning Reel for Walleye: The ultimate buying guide

Buying a fishing reel is pretty tough especially when your target is walleye. Walleye are among the clever fishes and they don’t get close so easily. Besides, to catch walleye, you need a reel for freshwater. Here we will discuss a few facts on how to buy the best spinning reel.

Before you buy your reel, read this little guide. It won’t waste your valuable time.

What reel do you need to catch walleye?

If you’re asking about the source based reels then obviously you need one that is made for freshwater especially. But if you’re asking for brands, there are several brands you can go for. Among them, Penn and Cadence are most popular for a spinning reel.

Which drag system?
  • There are a few drag system on the market. But if your target is game fish like walleye, you must need a reel that can provide powerful drag. For this reason, we suggest buying a reel that comes up with carbon fiber drag system. This one is pretty popular nowadays.
Which gear ratio?
  • The better gear ratio is better. Besides, keeping an eye on the speed is essential. Now the most common and suitable gear ratio for walleye is 6.0:1. Almost every reel of this list has this gear ratio. You can choose any of those. But if you want to go for a higher gear ratio, you can go. It won’t be a problem with a reel of the higher gear ratio.
How many bearings?
  • Well, bearings make the operation smooth. If your reel has insufficient bearings or low-quality bearings, you won’t be able to fish in peace. That’s why you need a reel with great bearing support.
  • We always suggest buying a reel with at least 8 bearings and one quick reverse bearing for walleye. You can buy 10+1 bearings too. However, don’t forget to check the corrosion resistant feature.
What about building material?
  • Well, it’s another important fact. If your reel is made of low-quality material, you won’t get enough from it. It won’t be durable and will break out after a few days. Besides, it won’t be able to give that power.
  • So, you just need a reel that is made of high-quality aluminum or other pro-level material.


This article was about the best spinning reels for walleye. We’ve shared the best ones of the market right now with their pros, cons, and review. To help you buy, we’ve shared a buying guide too at the end.

If you’re a fishing enthusiast, and your target is to get the big walleye buddies, you can choose any of these reels. All of these are great. If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment here. Our controllers will reply as soon as possible. Or you can contact us from the contact us option directly. Get other review articles on our website for a better and reliable fishing experience!

Happy walleye fishing!

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