Best Ice Fishing Rod For Walleye

7 Best Ice Fishing Rod For Walleye In 2020 [Walleye Special]

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You must need the best ice fishing rod for walleye if you want to land on big walleye fishes. Ordinary ice fishing rods can’t handle this task because they’re not made for walleye fishing or they have not that types of strength.

Are you searching for the best ice fishing rod for walleye? Here we’ve 7 walleye special rods designed for walleye and ice fishing. Those are

  • ​​​St. Croix Mojo Ice Fishing Rod
  • ​​​​​13 Fishing Widow Maker Ice Rod
  • St. Croix Avid Jigging Series Ice Fishing Rod
  • Tailored Tackle Ice Fishing Rod Reel Combo
  • ​​Clam Jason Mitchell Gen7 Walleye Combo
  • Frabill Fin-S Pro Reel and Rod Combo
  • Shakespeare Ugly Stik

These rods have almost every feature you’ll be needing for walleye fishing in the ice. They’re made with high-quality building material like carbon or high modulus graphite, they’re durable, they come up with a great grip, EVA handle is included, the action is adjusted to walleye fishing. Do you need anything else?

Well, check the reviews of these rods to get more info and decide which one will be the best option to go for you. These are selected by wise anglers and experts and all these are tested. If you need one, grab any of these undoubtedly.

7 Best Ice Fishing Rod for Walleye With Pros & Cons

St. Croix Mojo Ice Fishing Rod

If you’re looking for the best ice fishing rod for walleye, this one made by the famous brand St. Croix could be the first choice of you.

Coming with an extraordinary split grip, this mojo ice fishing rod has some cool features to help the product cutting the market. The lightweight it provides and the ease of use are much helpful to handle the walleye. With the fast action and powerful backbone rod, your fishing is much reliable.

The innovative design it provides is much to help you feel the differences between the other fishing rods.  The stainless steel guides help a lot to decrease the freezing.

The high-quality reel seat is mechanized with a twist lock which is for the accurately positive mechanism. So if you’re stumbling for the real shot to hook up a big walleye, grab this rod as soon as possible.

Special features

  • Lightweight strong stainless steel guides
  • Compact carbon tapered blank
  • High-quality split grip
  • Innovative reel seat
13 Fishing Widow Maker Ice Rod

Here’s another masterpiece for you. With the perfect balance and high-level accuracy, this widow maker ice fishing rod is considered as one of the best ice fishing rods for walleye.

People from all stages like this for its high durability and versatility. This ice fishing rod is designed for real beating with ice fishing walleye rod setup. The blanks of this rod are from graphite and for this reason, this rod is not only perfectly balanced but also extremely light for your casting or fishing.

The line guides this fishing rod contains are really awesome and to ensure your line slipping, there are ALPS guides which are double diamond coated. Your application is much precise and accurate.

Special features

  • Pc2 technology flat tip
  • Thin wire alps
  • Portuguese cork
  • Split grip holder
St. Croix Avid Jigging Series Ice Fishing Rod

Having a solid carbon blank with a solid carbon handle this st. croix jigging rod is capable of providing a high-quality performance for ice fishing. The kigan stripper guides it contains is much helpful and the backbone of this rod is awesome.

Coming in a various difference of length, this rod can serve you 27”, 30”, and 36” of experience. However, this rod is much stiffer than any other rods this mighty brand st. croix provides. This product is liked by professional fishers for its high power rating. It contains medium light power rating to medium high power rating.

Special features

  • EVA handle
  • Lightweight body
  • Custom build reel seat
  • Accurate stiff carbon blank taper
  • Stainless steel guides
Tailored Tackle Ice Fishing Rod Reel Combo

Well, if your main target is walleye, you can try this one. Because this product is specially designed for walleye and works great.

Besides walleye, this fishing rod is also ideal for bluegill, trout, perch, and sunfish. This product made by tailored tackle is mainly a medium light power rod and comes at 28” of length.

The combo package of this tailored tackle product has a size 20 ice fishing reel with 5:2:1 gear ratio and 5 ball bearings. Because of having some cool features like the carbon fiber rod blank, ergonomic grip, the cork handle this tailored tackle ice fishing rod is going to blow your mind obviously.

Special features

  • Rod and reel combo
  • High versatility
  • Medium-light power and extra fast action
  • Ergonomic grip and cork handle
Clam Jason Mitchell Gen7 Walleye Combo

Just like the previous ice fishing rod this package is also a combo rod and reel. This clam Jason Mitchell ice fishing rod is one of the best ice fishing rods for walleye and made by the famous company clam outdoors.

With medium light action and power, this rod is lightweight enough to hold easily. With the push button flip handle, your fishing experience is much smoother.

The reel this package contains has 5+1 ball bearings. It also has a front drag system which works great and faster.

Special features

  • Rod reel combo
  • Ball bearings
  • Quick anti-reverse
  • Flip handle
  • Front drag system

Frabill Fin-S Pro Reel and Rod Combo

This product of the popular brand frabill is also an ice fishing rod and ice fishing reel combo. This product is great for its increased sensitivity. The compact carbon fiber blank it provides is much helpful for ice fishing.

This frabill fin-s fishing rod is one of the best rods for ice fishing and you can rely on this product undoubtedly. This rod has stainless steel guides made especially with a single foot.

Containing 3+1 ball bearing, the reel is smooth enough and easy to drag. Besides, this fishing rod has an innovative reel seat. With the cork grip, fishing is a pleasure.

Special features

  • Rod and reel combo package
  • Stainless steel guides
  • 3+1 ball bearings
  • Custom reel seat
  • Cork grip

Shakespeare Ugly Stik

So, if you’ve come across all those products described up there and you didn’t find any of them interesting, this product may get some attention of you with its exclusive features.

This rod provides a unique ugly stik blank and an EVA foam handle. These are much helpful when you have to stay on the ice for a long time. The reel seat this Shakespeare ugly stik provides has a specialty named twist-lock.

This rod is highly durable and lightweight for its ported aluminum spool. With the 20 size spinning reel and a ball bearing, ice fishing is nothing but fun

Special features

  • EVA foam handle
  • Reel seat with twist lock
  • Ported aluminum spool
  • Highly durable and lightweight

How to use water depth to catch walleye while ice fishing

How to Buy The Best Ice Fishing Rod for Walleye: A complete buying guide

Well, choosing the best ice fishing rod is a bit tough when there are a lot of them with various types of features. But there are a few things you can check before grabbing one. Let’s learn what are they.

Determining the rod length

It’s a major issue when you’re choosing the rods, you may get confused whether choosing the short one or the long one. The fact is, it depends on how and where you’re going to use the rods.

When everything is equal, the performance and accuracy of a longer rod will absolutely greater than a shorter one. In spinner or crankbait casting, the length is a significant factor. But in ice fishing, you don’t need the casting rods. Jigging or bobber with a small bait under it is quite enough for ice fishing.

You have to determine the length of your ice fishing rod according to your place, where you want to go fishing.

Now, when you’re intended to spend a day on the ice, fishing in a shelter or shack might be more comfortable. In this case, a short rod is enough for you to hook the stubborn walleye buddies. More precisely, if you buy a rod between 24 to 32 inches long, it’s much! The short space around the hole, the less length of the rod it requires.

But, if you’re brave enough to stand at the outside, to stay the whole day, you must pick the long one. With a longer rod, your balance is much accurate and precise. Trying 40 inches of the rod is fair enough for ice fishing.

Rod action: fast action/ slow action?

It’s essential to check the rod action if you’re buying a rod for ice fishing. Most of the fishing rod in the market has fast action.

The one which has slow action bends quickly and is quite short in size. The longer and straight the rod the faster the action. The fast action rods come with a flexible tip and a rigid shaft. That’s why it’s easy to use.

There are some rods which have an extra fast action feature. You have to buy the one you need. I recommend having a fast action rod for ice fishing. It helps a lot.

Rod power and backbone

The rod power for ice fishing depends on the lure you’ll be fishing with. The power of the rod varies from medium to high. Rod with medium power is recommended.

If you choose extra light rod you won’t have the powerful backbone. Simply light rods with medium or medium heavy power is suitable.

Building materials

Besides all that, it’s also important to keep a third eye on the building materials. You should pick that one made with strong long lasting material like brass, stainless steel etc.

These are some common things you need to check when you’re buying a rod for ice fishing. Most of the rods available in the market go with these regulations.

Last words

So, I’ve tried to share the top 7 best ice fishing rod for walleye with a brief description of every product and some special features.

If you’re a fishing enthusiast, and you want to try your hand at ice fishing, you must need a fishing rod to start. You can choose one of these seven. Grab the one you want, go for your dream.

 Happy fishing!

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