Best Jigging Rod For Walleye

8 Best Jigging Rod For Walleye In 2023

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Walleye are known for their elusive nature and preference for specific habitats. These fish are often found in deeper waters and near structures such as drop-offs, reefs, and submerged vegetation. Jigging is a popular technique used to entice walleye into biting. It involves vertically presenting a bait or lure by rapidly raising and lowering the rod tip, imitating the movement of injured prey. To effectively execute this technique, a specialized jigging rod is essential.

In jig fishing, you must requires the right equipment, and one essential tool every angler needs is a high-quality jigging rod. A jigging rod specifically designed for walleye fishing can greatly enhance your chances of success. In this article, we will explore the key features to consider when choosing the best jigging rod for walleye and provide you with valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

Jigging is a kind of fishing action that is a bit rare and everyone doesn’t try this. To perform this action smoothly you need rods made with great material like carbon or graphite and better grip and high sensitive. All these rods have these features. They come up with medium action that makes these rods good for walleye. These rods are quality tested and durable too!

8 Best Jigging Rod For Walleye

These rods are selected by our expert team. They ran a survey over the market and selected these. So, rely on us and give one of these a try if you’re going for walleye fishing and you need a jigging rod.

8 Best Jigging Rod For Walleye Review with Pros & Cons!


01. Fenwick Elite Tech Walleye Spinning Fishing Rod

Fenwick Elite Tech Walleye Spinning Fishing Rod, 6'6" - Medium - 1pcs

The brand Fenwicks is not widely known to all because they don’t keep making products randomly while leaving a poor quality. This brand is appreciated by wise anglers worldwide and their rods are great too. Let’s jump into the inner review to learn what the Fenwick elite tech walleye jigging rod actually has to offer.

This fishing rod contains a hidden handle design reel seat. This type of reel seat is not common in the market. This allows you to get extreme comfort wherever you want. Like other ordinary reels of the market, you don’t have to feel the threads if you buy this one.

This rod has titanium frame guides. Which are extremely lightweight and give you a pleasant fishing experience. Those are virtually bulletproof too!

The TAC and cork handle design is there for genuine grip. No chance of falling down or missing even the handle is wet. This rod has a fast action feature and this one is configured for light applications. The power of this fishing rod is medium.

The most attractive thing about this fishing rod is it comes up in the market with 11 different packages and with different features and facilities. According to our judgment and investigation, this Fenwick elite tech is the best walleye jigging rod 2019!

The pros

  • Hidden handle design
  • Titanium guides
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Solid grip
  • TAC and Cork handle design
  • Medium power and fast action

The cons

  • The length is a bit lower


02. G. Loomis Walleye Series

G loomis Walleye Fishing Rod WPJR821S GlX

Here’s another master class product. If you’re searching for the best jigging rod for walleye, this can be your first priority. G. Loomis is a top-quality brand and making fishing-related products for a long time now. They are not just limited to making fishing gear, they make clothing items like caps, hoodies, or t-shirts too.

This fishing rod is basically a high-performance fishing rod. With this technique-specific rod, you have the flexibility of fishing. This fishing rod contains precise tapers. This one has a length adjustment feature too.

This fishing rod is extremely lightweight though it’s made with high-quality building material. Sensitivity is an important thing for jigging. This rod is highly sensible and contains great sensitivity. The G. Loomis walleye series comes up with a fiber blend construction. This construction is capable of providing the best durability.

The G. Loomis jigging rod is specially designed for walleye. Just like the previous fishing rod, this one has 6 different packages too. It comes up with GLX recoil guides to give you the most comfortable grip.

The pros

  • 6 different packages
  • High-performance fishing rod
  • Fiber blend construction
  • High-quality building material
  • GLX recoil guides for grip


The cons

  • Has some shipping restriction


03. St Croix Eyecon Spinning Rod

St. Croix Rods Eyecon Spinning Rod Medium/X-fast Gold Dust Green Metallic, 6'8"

The brand St. Croix is a popular brand all over the world for its fishing types of equipment. This eyecon rod is their special product with a lot of great features. Because it’s designed in a versatile way and it goes with various actions.

This rod of St. Croix is designed to give exceptional results when you’re jigging, trolling, rigging, or cranking. It has Kigan 3D guides made with strong and slim aluminum-oxide rings. The black frames are there to protect.

This St. Croix walleye fishing rod has a premium grade or split-grip cork handle which comes with EVA trim. By the by, the company provides premium quality EVA handle when someone buys the trolling models. The Technique-specific St. Croix walleye jigging rod is designed for superior performance.

The pros

  • Cork handle
  • Split Grip
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Superior performance
  • Premium grade

The cons

  • Doesn’t have an anti-corrosion feature


04. KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods

KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods, Casting Rod 6ft 7in - Medium Light - Fast - One Piece Rod

The Kastking perigee fishing rod is one of the best jigging rods for walleye. It comes up with a great quality carbon fiber blank. This provides strength, power, and much durability. For better performance, it has Fuji O-Ring line guides.

This package is liked by other anglers because this package contains two fishing rods for the price of one. It’s designed for smooth power and fishing action. With the EVA grips, your fishing experience is much more pleasant.

The pros

  • Carbon fiber blank technology
  • Fuji O-ring
  • Two in one package
  • Smooth operation
  • EVA handle grip
  • High durability

The cons

  • The reel seat is a bit tricky


05. UglyStik GX2 Casting Rod

Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod , 6'6" - Medium Heavy - 1pc

The UglyStik casting rod is made by the famous brand Shakespeare. Because of having some cool features, this one is at the 5th position of our best walleye jigging rod list.

The Shakespeare fishing rod is ultra-light which gives you the comfort of easy fishing while having the same toughness or a heavyweight fishing rod. This feature made the rod a real helping hand. It contains ugly tuff guides. These guides are newly designed and quite capable of providing maximum quality and durability.

Besides, the UglyStik has Ugly Stik Clear Tip which delivers extra strength when you’re going for a big buddy. This one is a sensitive rod with medium power and fast action.

The pros

  • Lightweight feeling
  • Heavy duty and high performance
  • Newly designed guides
  • Ugly stik clear tip
  • Great sensitivity and durability

The cons

  • The grip is a bit low


06. KastKing Royale Legend Fishing Rods

KastKing Royale Select Fishing Rods, Casting 6ft 6in-Medium Heavy Power-Fast-1pc

Here’s another Kastking product. In this short limited list, kastking already has 2 of their products. Isn’t that a sign of a reputed and well-known manufacturer brand?

The Kastking Royale Legend fishing rod is the most sensitive rod in the market right now. It’s strong enough to give you the backbone you need with kastflex blank building method. Just like the previous kastking fishing rod this one also has Fuji Line Guides. This type of ring is great for superior casting distance.

This line guides are great keys for accuracy too! By the by, this rod can deliver you the excellent durability with braided lines, fluorocarbon, and monofilament.

The pros

  • Sensitive and strong
  • Lightweight and heavy duty
  • Fuji O line guides
  • Great accuracy
  • Durability with monofilament

The cons

  • Starts humming after a long use


07. Cadence CR5 Spinning Rod


The cadence CR5 fishing rod is another top quality rod you may go for. This fishing rod is perfect for both saltwater and freshwater. These fishing rods are constructed with 30-ton graphite blanks. This makes the fishing rod ultra light and durable. With this building material, it can provide great sensitivity, durability, sensitivity, power, and strength.

This fishing rod has stainless steel guides to give you the smoothness of fishing. Besides, it has Fuji reel seat and pro-grade cork handle. The comfortable handhold it provides is great for hard fighting fishing.

The pros

  • Great for saltwater and freshwater
  • 30-ton graphite blanks
  • Smooth fishing power
  • Cork handle
  • Fuji reel seat

The cons

  • The reel seat is a bit tricky


08. Okuma’s Dead Eye Technique Specific Walleye Rods




If you just came through all those products and didn’t find any of them interesting, hold on! Give yourself a break. We got one more product for you. Give this Okuma fishing rod a try. You won’t get disappointed.

This fishing rod comes up with responsive IM8 blanks. Which provides great action and durability. Besides, this rod contains ALPS gunsmoke stainless steel guide frames for great grip and fishing comfort. By the by, the company package contains a lifetime warranty. It means you have the assurance of using it in a rough way.

The pros

  • Responsive IM8 rod blanks
  • Stainless steel guide
  • Zirconium inserts
  • Alluring warranty feature

The cons

  • Doesn’t ship internationally


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

How long should a walleye jigging rod be?

Well, answering this question is a bit tough. If you’re doing vertical walleye jigging, you need to go for a shorter rod. You can choose a rod between 6.2” to 7 feet. But we always suggest going for a shorter rod in case of jigging for walleye.

If you talk about jigging, professionals always suggest going for a shorter rod (5 feet or more).

Is a medium-light rod good for walleye?

Walleye are light biters usually. When you’re going after walleye, choosing the appropriate rod will help you a lot. It’s almost like a key to success in walleye fishing. A medium-light rod is pretty good for walleye. If you choose a rod medium light of 5.5-7 feet with fast action, you will be able to detect fish easily.

What fishing line is best for walleye?

When it comes to choosing a line for walleye fishing, we suggest going for an 8-12 pound test fluorocarbon fishing line. This line is pretty good and dramatically invisible underwater. This line is highly sensitive and usable in any condition. Besides, it doesn’t stretch at all and makes it easy to feel the bites.

Are longer jigging rods always better for walleye fishing?

While longer rods provide increased casting distance and control, they might not be suitable for all fishing conditions. It’s important to consider the specific fishing environment and your personal preference when choosing the length of your jigging rod.

Can I use a jigging rod for other types of fishing?

Jigging rods are designed specifically for vertical presentations and may not perform optimally for other fishing techniques. It’s recommended to use a rod designed for the specific fishing style you intend to pursue.

What is the ideal line weight for walleye jigging?

The ideal line weight depends on various factors, including the depth you’re fishing, the size of the walleye you’re targeting, and the lure or bait you’re using. Generally, a line weight between 6 and 10 pounds is suitable for walleye jigging.


Mastering the Jigging Technique:

Jigging for walleye is all about finesse and precision. The goal is to mimic the natural movements of baitfish, enticing walleye to strike. Here are some key points to keep in mind when jigging for walleyes:

  1. Optimal Boat Control: Proper boat control is crucial when jigging. Practice maintaining a vertical presentation by anchoring, using a trolling motor with spot lock, or drifting with controlled movements. This allows you to position the jig precisely and keep it in the strike zone.
  2. Avoid Overworking the Jig: One common mistake many anglers make is working the jig too actively. Walleye have a keen sense of smell and are attracted to the scent of the bait. Instead of vigorous movements, focus on subtly holding the jig in their vicinity. Sometimes, dead-sticking the bait, keeping it completely still, can be highly effective in enticing bites.
  3. Selecting the Right Jig: Choose a jig with a strong hook and an appropriate weight that allows you to feel the bottom. For vertical jigging, a quarter to three-eighth ounce jig is a commonly used size. However, factors such as wind, current, and water depth may require adjustments in jig weight.
  4. Jigging Technique: When jigging for walleye, aim to maintain bottom contact throughout your presentation. Lift the jig a few inches off the bottom and then let it drop back down. This subtle movement simulates the natural behavior of prey and entices strikes. Avoid dragging the jig in the mud to reduce the risk of snags.

Recommended Gear :

To maximize your jigging success, ensure you have the right gear:

  1. Jigging Rod: Choose a medium or medium-light spinning rod with a length of around 6’3″. A shorter rod provides better control, especially when jigging vertically. The G. Loomis Walleye Series offers excellent options in this regard.
  2. Spinning Reel: Opt for a 1000-sized spinning reel, such as the Stradic, which provides sufficient line capacity. Spool your reel with 5-10 pound braid, as it offers enhanced sensitivity and allows you to detect subtle strikes more effectively.
  3. Fluorocarbon Leader: Use a clear fluorocarbon leader, approximately 3 feet in length, to connect the jig to the braid. Fluorocarbon is less visible underwater and provides better presentation. Tie a secure knot, such as the FG knot or Alberto knot, ensuring a strong connection.


How To Choose Jigging Rod For Walleye

Well, choosing the best rod for perfect angling is a bit difficult. When it comes to jigging, it’s tougher to choose because jigging is not a regular fishing technique. In this action, anglers basically jig the bait chromatically. That’s why you need to check a few things before you buy one for yourself. In This article, you will know about that.

#Mandatory Facts

  • Sensitivity
  • Jigging is all about sensitivity. That’s why jigging rods are a little bit different from the other fishing rods. When you’re buying a rod for jigging, you must go for a highly sensitive fishing rod.
  • Length
  • Wise jigging experts prefer a 6.6’ long rod. But 7’ is a great choice too for walleye fishing. It helps to reduce weight and gives a great grip.
  • Rod Action
  • For jigging, a fast-action fishing rod is a key to success. When your rod is not operating fast, you can’t get away with the tricks of walleye.
  • Power
  • This thing is not that much important for walleye jigging. A slightly light or medium power fishing rod is quite enough.

#Minor Facts

  • Building material
  • Always try buying a rod with high-quality material which contains corrosion-resistant power. If your fishing rod is made with low-quality material, it won’t last that much longer and you won’t get enough from it. Because good quality building material makes the product much durable to cope up with every kind of situation.
  • Design, Brand, Price
  • The design is an important thing too! Fishing is pleasant with a well-designed rod. Try buying rods made by the popular brands of this sector. By the by, keep the third eye on the price. It makes no sense when you don’t have the budget and the price is too high.
  • #Best Jigging Rods for Walleye
    Here are our top products. For a specific purchase, we’ve selected the best 8 from a lot of fishing rods. Let’s take a look at their reviews and learn more about their features, facilities, advantages, pros, and cons.


  • So, these are our top picks and selections from a thousand. We’ve tested each and every of the fishing rods and ranked those ones by one.
  • In this article, we’ve shared the 8 best jigging rods for walleye with their pros and cons. To help you buy we’ve shared buying criteria with which you can easily determine what you need to buy. If you’re a fishing enthusiast and you’re searching for rods, want to try them on walleye, grab any of these. All of these are good quality and tested.
  • Happy fishing!


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