Fishing At Night

Fishing At Night [Don’t Go Night Fishing Without Reading It.]

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Fishing at night is an uncommon activity and not everyone tries to do this. People who are extremely fishing enthusiasts or professionally a fisherman, want to go fishing in the darkness of night. However, it’s a problem that everybody doesn’t know how to get prepared for night fishing. As a result, the interest ends up in a mess.

No worry anglers! In this article, I’ll tell you how you can get prepared for fishing at night. By the by, I’ll share two steps of doing it. At the very end, I’ll share a few tips that’ll help you to hook up the big boys in the dark. Oh! I forgot. I’ll also share two topics, saltwater and freshwater fishing at night.

So! Let’s get going.

night fishing

An Introduction to Freshwater Fishing at Night or Day

Freshwater fishing is a task that can be done everywhere in the world and there’s not any specific time or period for freshwater fishing. Whatever freshwater fishing at night is also a simple task like daytime. It’s almost like having your gear and hooking up the big fishes like trout, catfish, or walleye. The technics and ways vary from targeted species to targeted species and time, or the place where you want to fish.

Types of freshwater fishing

There are different kinds of freshwater fishing. Which type you need to apply depends on the location you’re willing to fish, kind of water body, the species you want to target, and the pieces of equipment you got. The most common kinds are-

fresh water boat fishing

Freshwater boat fishing

In this type, people use boats to go to their spot. Boats like canoes, kayaks, or small rowboats are used mainly. The size of the boat varies from the size of the pond or lake. This is the most common type of freshwater fishing.

Freshwater fly fishing

Freshwater fly fishing

In this type of freshwater fishing, you need to stand in the water and you need to cast your rod in an uncommon rare way.

Freshwater ice fishing

Freshwater ice fishing

When the water is frozen, this type of fishing action every freshwater fisherman applies.

Freshwater dock fishing

Freshwater dock fishing

Those who don’t have access to a boat or those who don’t want to do fly fishing, this type of fishing is ideal for them. This dock fishing type is considered as the best fishing way of fishing at night.

There’s another type of freshwater fishing named noodling or spearfishing. This type helps a lot for river fishing at night.

An introduction to saltwater fishing at night

Saltwater fishing is not like freshwater fishing. The way it goes, the technics and other policies are more complicated than freshwater fishing. In this sector, one can fish from a boat or a beach. In the night fishing, it’s tougher to do saltwater fishing or sea fishing from the shore or a boat. The types of reels used in saltwater fishing are almost like freshwater fishing but the spinning or rod is different. Your target and your fishing spot will determine what you need.

Types of saltwater fishing-

Surf fishing at night

Surf fishing

This is the easiest way to introduce yourself to saltwater fishing if you have access to a beach. Keep the amount of your necessary gear to a minimum and it’ll help when you’re fishing from a boat.

Nearshore fishing

Nearshore fishing

This is the type of saltwater fishing that is ideal for fishing at night. People who do night fishing, they place a base camp at the beach. At this fishing type they cast from the land and their target always remains nearby the shore to hook nearshore coastal fish.

Deep sea fishing

Deep-sea fishing

This action is available for those who have access to bigger boats. In this saltwater fishing type, fishermen actually go to the inner sea to do a deep casting. This fishing type is a bit expensive. But there are alternates. In the alternative system, you need to pay someone who’ll take you fishing with their boats if you can’t afford one personally.

pier night fishing

Pier Night Fishing

Pier Fishing Is One Of The Most Enjoyable Fishing places. At The Night It Becomes More Beautiful. No Sunburn Or No People Shouting. You, Will, Feel Another Form Of Nature.

How to Fish at Night: Two steps of night fishing

The nightfall doesn’t come alone. It comes with its problems every time. The black scarf of darkness pushes you to feel isolated and departed from the whole world. Whatever, I’m not here to write a metaphoric poem about darkness. I’m here to talk about fishing at night, in the darkness.

night fishings

For fishing at night, anglers want to stay together. That’s why in the very productive night, fishing spots are overcrowded. Basically, weekends are the best time for people to spend some time doing fishing. So if you have the fear of darkness, there are plenty of places you can go for company.

But if you’re brave enough to stand alone, there is a huge probability of getting your hook nearly to the bigger fishes. Though fishing with a company is considered as the safest way to go fishing at night because you don’t know what’s hiding behind the darkness. It could be dangerous and harmful.

Angling in the darkness of night comes with it different hot periods for different venues. But in common, the best time for fishing at night is from 8 pm to 3 am. There are some early rising species among the fish like rays, bass, soles etc. The hour before dawn is not ideal for them. But most commonly two hours at either side of midnight can bring some bass, dogfish, pouting, and whiting to your hook.

Species like wrasse and mullet don’t feed in the dark usually. Though there are a number of exceptions. Calm and quite clear nights are more suitable for fishing at night. Rough nights don’t bring the fishes closer to the shore.

Early winter nights are ideal for fishing when it is cold and underfoot the beach crunches.

fishing place selection

Step 1: Picking the exact spot

To avoid snags, the first thing you have to do is to locate the spot during the daytime. You should check the safety and the access of the mark. Another important thing you must do is to check out the distance of casting.

You can’t just start at a weird spot which is totally unknown to you. In the dark, it’s almost impossible to understand what you’re doing actually. Besides, if you turn up on an absurd venue, there is a huge possibility you’re being endangered. Just make sure your exit is proper and suitable and in the place, you’re willing to stand for fishing at night isn’t threatened by something horrible.

Most of the night anglers tend to select their spot for fishing with a low distance between low and high water tidemarks. However, this allows a fisherman to set up a base.

If you want to set up a base camp, you need to check a few things. Your base camp has to be back from the tide mark which is high. Don’t forget to check out the flotsam position which is one the last tide line or beach ridges. Your base camp has to be centered around an umbrella or a shelter so that your pieces of equipment stay dry.

Don’t forget to add a lamp to your base camp, it’ll bring more pleasure to your fishing and the whole night will become more enjoyable. Most of the anglers use a headlamp when they need to move outside their camp. You can use electric base lamps also. Dual halogen LED lamps give you a spread light which is combined with a beam and it runs with cell batteries.

fishing gear

2. Doing the appropriate arrangement

A well-organized arrangement will always be a key to success in night fishing. It gives you the permission to use necessary things at the right moment when you need it most.

When you’re out there, stumbling with your things, you have to extra careful about bait. Keep the bait away from your clumsy feet. Don’t start applying your every instrument from the beginning. There’s a high chance of wasting. Just unpack what you need to perform a few casts.

You must have several spare terminal rigs with you. You know pre-baiting saves fishing time between one cast to another. It’s known as double patting and it has to be placed safely out of the track. Almost every rod rests contain rig clips and rig bars and these things are considered ideal for fishing at night.

Spare reels are also needed if there’s an overrun or line loss. Nothing feels bitter than having the experience of reloading or untangling a reel. Besides, having an adjustable light pole is good. With this, you’ll be able to place the lamp higher. The higher you set it, the bigger you get the pool of light. Keep food and drinks nearby your hand.

In the dark, small necessary items can get lost easily. So, it’s good to always have a spare supply of things. Keeping bait cotton in a tube or in a bait cotton container helps a lot and they won’t get lost easily. In the similar way, you have to preserve other things like your knife, line clippers, baiting needles, scissors etc.

Few tips on fishing at night

These tips will help you to avoid all of your disturbing problems while you’re fishing at night.

Don’t be over punctual

Always try to arrive at your fishing spot before the sun is set. By doing this you’ll be able to observe your layout and what you are going to do.

Always come prepared with required supplies

  • At the steps sections, I have described what you need to do night fishing. Don’t forget to bring them all and do the arrangement properly.

Try to cope with no light

  • When you’re fishing in the daylight, you’re watching what you’re doing. You’re watching all of your tasks and things. But in the night it’s quite impossible to see what you’re doing. Though you can use black lights to see, it’s not preferred by wise anglers. So what you have to do is to be comfortable with no light. Fishing in the night doesn’t mean it’s totally dark and obviously, you can feel everything. But you have to get used to it. Sometimes moonlight helps and as per many anglers saying, a bright night is more productive than a dark night for fishing.

Try to rig several rods

  • Keeping several rods rigged near your hand will help you a lot. It’ll save your time and give you access to apply various methods.

Try to learn your area and navigation

  • It’s been always easier to fish in an area which you know better. If the area is familiar to you, you’ll know the obstacles. So you can hit upon a plan easily on what you need to do to avoid your obstacles. But if you’re going fishing to a totally unknown area, try to learn it first. Make a map if possible. It’ll help.

Keep every kind of noise to a minimum

  • Keeping quiet is almost like a golden key to success for fishing at night. If you’re fishing from a motorboat, keep the motor turned off. Noises of moving things, chucking will work against you. Chances are the whole night may get rotten if you don’t eliminate the noise properly.

Make safety the first priority

  • So many things may go wrong in the night. Be careful! Be over conscious of your safety. Take each and everything you need to protect yourself from any kind of harm.

Common problems and solutions on fishing at night

Let’s discuss some common problems and their solutions you may have during fishing.

Problem: For Darkness Sometimes Very Hard To See The Fishing Gear And Another Things.

Solution: You can solve such problems by burning a stinking fuel lantern. There’s another solution, you can buy a modern electric headlamp Or Rechargeable Light.

Problem: Casting problem in the dark.

Solution: Beginner anglers have this problem very much. They find it difficult, however. You can solve this by switching to a fixed-spool reel. This type of reel doesn’t overrun.

Problem: Getting cold and falling asleep.

Solution: To avoid this type of problem what you can do is take preparation to fight against the cold. Bring food and hot drinks with you if you want to do a long session fishing.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Q: Is it essential to make a base camp?

Ans: Yes, it is. Base camp helps a lot in many ways. Besides, with this, you can feel the passion for fishing at night.

Q: Can I go fishing during daytime to catch catfish instead of at night?

Ans: Obviously you can. Catfish are active all hours of the day. You can go for them whenever you want.

Q: Are catfish attracted to light? Are they more active at night?

Ans: Catfish are not attracted to light. But the light distracts them. In the flashy light, catfish get confused. Catfish are not more active at night. All the three species they have active all the time. It’s a myth that catfish are more active at the night.

Last words

So, at the very end, you shouldn’t have that question remaining in your mind, how to prepare for fishing at night. If you ever dreamt of night fishing, grab your things and get going to your destiny.

These night fishing tips, steps, common problems, and solutions will help you with your everyday fishing task.

All the very best fishermen!

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