Best Night Fishing Lures for Bass

11 Best Night Fishing Lures for Bass In 2022

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Night fishing is an extra activity. When your target is specific species like bass and you have to fish at night, you must grab the appropriate gears to get your result.

Besides the reel, rod, and lines, lures are also important. It is the thing that gets this close to the fish. If your lures are not appropriate, you won’t be able to succeed. Night fishing lures are not easy to select, because not every lures cant be used at night fishing. Also, you have to select your lures depending on your target fish species.

So, Here, I’ll share 11 best night fishing lures for bass with their pros and cons. I’ll give a brief review of them and share a short description.

But One Important Thing I Have To Say That – This 11 Lures All Are Works Great For Bass At Night. Because I selected Them From Hundred Of Lures & Baits Available For Bass.

So, let’s get going.

11 Best Night Fishing Lures for Bass

  1. PowerBait FW Worms Fishing Bait
  2. Berkley Powerbait Soft Fishing Bait
  3. Elias VFishing Extreme Whiptail Fishing Lure
  4. River2Sea Whopper Plopper
  5. Zoom Bait Baby Brush Fishing Bait
  6. Z-Man Gamakatsu Hook Fishing Lures
  7. River2Sea 130 Larry Whopper Plopper Fishing Lure
  8. BOOYAH Buzz Fishing Lure
  9. Strike King Mini Fishing Bait
  10. Strike King Midnight Special Spinnerbait
  11. Storm Wiggle Wart 05 Fishing Lure

11 Best Night Fishing Lures for Bass Review with Pros & Cons!

1. PowerBait FW Worms Fishing Bait

Berkley PowerBait Power Worms

This fishing bait is made by Powerbait. According to the customer reviews, ratings, features, and advantages, his power bait fishing bait is the best night fishing lure for bass.

This fishing lure contains ribbon tail design with which you’re fishing is much better. It swims naturally on the short hops and twitches. This product is quite soft and contains firm texture. For this reason, this bait is irresistible to fish.

Lakes, streams, or rivers, wherever you go, this products works well. This lure is extremely durable and designed to last longer.


  • Ribbon tail design
  • Versatile and goes with rivers, lakes, and streams
  • Durable and long lasting product
  • Firm texture


  • Color is a bit tricky


2. Berkley Powerbait Soft Fishing Bait


This fishing bait is made by the famous brand Berkley. The Berkley doesn’t only make fishing baits, you can see a lot of products of them on the market. Which are especially for fishing.

However, this fishing lure also contains ribbon tail design just like the previous one. This feature helps to swim the bait naturally. Ideal for natural swimming on the fall with short hops and twitches.

This one is also soft but having firm texture makes it irresistible to fish. The fact is, it is designed for freshwater fishing. It can cope with streams, lakes, and rivers.


  • Ribbon tail design
  • Firm texture
  • Irresistible to fish
  • Versatile and goes with rivers and lakes


  • Works Great only with freshwater


3. Elias VFishing Extreme Whiptail Fishing Lure

Extreme Whiptail Shad Soft Fishing Lure 6" Striped Bass, Bluefish, Flounder, Sea Bass (2 Packs of Four) (Chartreuse)

This product made by the company EliasVFishing is one of the best night fishing lures. Because of having some great and helpful advantages, this fishing lure is considered ideal for giant bass.

This USA designed product is great for saltwater jigging inshore. To fish, just rig these on your jig head and go! They’re ready.

With this bass fishing lure, you can jig vertically to catch the giants. This also works for fluke and weakfish. The package of this product comes up with two packs containing four.


  • Great for saltwater jigging
  • Designed for inshore jigging
  • Available vertical jigging
  • Designed especially for bass
  • Great package


  • Works great only with saltwater


4. River2Sea Whopper Plopper

River2Sea WPL90/12 Whopper Plopper

This versatile product is made by the brand river2sea. Because of having a huge amount of positive user review, this is considered as one of the best night fishing lures for bass.

This topwater fishing bait contains a strong treble and there are no rattles. Weighing only ½ oz this is a great gear to hook your target. With the whopper plopper, your fishing is much more reliable and easier.

The package comes with plenty of features and facilities. However, this river2sea fishing lure is highly versatile and made with high-quality content to last long.


  • High versatility
  • Highly durable
  • No rattles
  • Topwater Lure


  • Has some swimming issue


5. Zoom Bait Baby Brush Fishing Bait

Zoom Bait Baby Brush Hog Bait-Pack of 12 (Watermelon Red, 5 1/2-Inch)

This fishing bait is a pack of 12 baits. In each package, it contains 12 baits to provide you with a longer service. Because of its compact model and design, this is the best night fishing bait.

Just like the previous fishing lure, this zoom bait fishing lure is also highly versatile and with this fishing lure, you can fish in many ways and angles.

You can try this hog between craws, lizards, and a worm. With this, your fishing is more pleasant. It is Made with great quality material to last long and save your money.


  • Highly versatile
  • Various ways fishing permission
  • Quick hook up
  • Made with quality material


  • Not recommended for freshwater fishing


6. Z-Man Gamakatsu Hook Fishing Lures

Z-MAN CB-EL12-05 Chatterbait Elite

This fishing bait is made by the mighty lure maker Z-man. This product also contains some cool features and advantages. That’s why this product is one of the best night fishing lures for bass.

This chatter bait elite series fishing lure is designed especially for bass. It is quite capable of performing a 5/0 gamakastu hook. It is built with bladed swim jig design.

The building material of this product is high quality and lasts a long. Your fishing experience is much more pleasant with this versatile fishing lure.


  • Bladed swim design
  • High durability
  • Gamakastu hook performance
  • Great versatility


  • Has some shipping restrictions


7. River2Sea 130 Larry Whopper Plopper Fishing Lure


River2Sea WPL130/17 Whopper Plopper PHANTOM SHAD, 1 3/8 oz.

This is another river2sea product. This lightweight fishing bait is quite able to blow your mind. If your destiny is giant fishes and you need the perfect lure to hook them up, try this one.

It weighs only 3.2 ounces. Ideal for bass fish largemouth and smallmouth. Made with an innovative design and idea. The building material of this fishing lure lasts long and provides a peace of mind.

This topwater fishing lure contains a strong treble and a great hooking power.


  • Highly durable
  • Topwater Lure
  • Designed for big bass
  • Highly versatile and works for various tasks


  • Has some shipping restrictions


8. BOOYAH Buzz Fishing Lure

BOOYAH Buzz Buzzbait Bass Fishing Lure, Black, 1/4 oz

This one is a product made by the famous brand named BOOYAH. It contains some cool features to help you with your tasks. With this fishing lure, your fishing actions are more precise and accurate. That’s why this Booyah buzz fishing lure is considered as one of the best night fishing lures for bass.

This booyah fishing lure is made with flared red gills and hard coat paint. It is able to plane quickly but because of having streamed and clacker design, it is the top in its industry. This product is constructed with quality components and Mustad hooks. The clacker blade provides an ultra level fish-attracting vibration.

However, it weighs 3/8 oz. blades are made with painted aluminum. The hook is 4/0 mustad.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Streamed and clacker design
  • Painted aluminum blade
  • 4/0 Mustad hook


  • Doesn’t run straigh


9. Strike King Mini Fishing Bait

Strike King MK-10G Mini-King Spinner Bait, Black , 1/8-Ounce

This awesome product is made by the brand named strike king. Let’s learn what this strike king product actually has to offer.

It features premium quality components. This strike king product contains diamond dust head, Colorado diamond blade, and diamond dust silicone skirt.

This fishing lure made by strike king is designed for ultralight rods. It’s quite able to attract lots of bits. This product is great for kids and it is one of the best night fishing lures for bass.


  • Diamond dust silicone skirt
  • Diamond dusthead
  • Colorado diamond blade
  • Ideal for kids
  • Premium components


  • Gets discolored fast


10. Strike King Midnight Special Spinnerbait

Midnight Special/Black Red

This one is also a product of the mighty brand strike king. It took its place at number 10 of our list that means, it also has some great features.

This fishing bait is designed for night fishing and low light. This is the best night fishing lure when you’re headed to fish at low light.

It features a 7/16 oz short arm. It contains 7 Indiana blade and a rattler with a double barrel. With the chemically sharpen black nickel hook, your fishing is much better.

There’s also a Colorado diamond blade made with silver. The midnight special models have a loud single barrel rattler.

The color patterns are awesome. They create a natural and appealing look to fish.


  • Indiana blades included
  • Short arm spinner bait
  • Double barrel rattler
  • Colorado diamond blade
  • Appealing natural color


  • Does not ship internationally


11. Storm Wiggle Wart 05 Fishing Lure

Storm Original Wiggle Wart 05 Fishing lure (Naturistic Brown Crayfish, Size- 2)


Here comes the last product of our top 11 best night fishing lures for the bass list. If you have come across all those fishing lures described above and didn’t find any of them interesting, give this a try.

It contains a multi-ball rattle system. This system is able to deliver a raspy tone and a higher pitch. It has rotated hook hangers to provide you the improved action. It allows you to do larger hooks and prevents hang-ups.

With this fishing lure with self-tuning line tie, your fishing experience is much better and pleasant.


  • High pitch delivery system
  • Multiball rattle system
  • Self-tuning line tie
  • High durability
  • Maximum diving depth


  • Color grade is a bit low


Last words

So, this was the list of my top 11 night fishing lures for bass. If you’re fishing enthusiast and you often go night fishing, you may need this tool.

Read the description i gave above, compare the products with each other and select which one you need. You can choose any of these. Every product is best in their industry.

Happy fishing!

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