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Fishing Nets Types. (21 Types)

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Ok, I know you came here to know about Fishing Nets Types And I am Sure That You Are Also A Fishing Lover Like Me & Enjoy To Know About Fishing And This Related Things. But at first, You Have To Know What Is A fishing Net? And Why People Use It? And Then I Will Introduce You To Different Types Of Fishing Nets. Let’s Know About It.

What is a Fishing Net?

Fishnets one of the oldest tools for fishing. Net fishing is a technique used by anglers that use nets instead of the common fishing instrumentality. There are varied net fishing techniques used, as well as solid net fishing, industrial net fishing, ghost net fishing and a lot of. Anglers preferring to use netting techniques can have many various choices to settle on from, looking at their preference. The strategy used may additionally disagree for an angler, counting on the sort of fish being wanted.

Commercial net fishing is one in every of the most in style ways that to use a net once fishing. Industrial anglers prefer to use nets as they’ll manufacture more catch than an easy rod or reel. There are several benefits to using fishing nets that several fishermen are unaware of. To search out common ways that to use a net and reasons why they’re generally dangerous, continue reading below. You also read This and this Article For More About Fishing Nets.

Why people use it?

Net fishing could be a normally used technique that uses nets, or meshes, so as to catch fish. Net fishing techniques are around for hundreds of years, with reports of this technique getting used all the approach back to one hundred eighty AD. Netting techniques are usually used within the industrial fishing trade; however, additionally, bring a singular choice throughout sports fishing moreover. There varied numerous forms of techniques for net fishing out there, with a number of the most commonly found below.

Cast Net

Cast Net

Cast-net fishing is one of the additional property ways of recreational or sports fishing. A solid net is sometimes sufficiently little to be operated by one person. It round or oval, and might be thrown, or cast, over an outsized space. Weights on the facet of the net facilitate it sinks, catching any ocean creatures within.

Solid nets are one in every of the oldest and most effective ways that to catch giant amounts of small- to medium-sized fish. The traditional Polynesians who 1st settled Hawaii between the fourth and ninth centuries in all probability brought the talents and technology of cast-net fishing with them.

This trained worker is employing a giant solid net. A trained worker would want to be terribly sturdy and have a decent sense of balance to fish with this web. The weights on the net (visible as dark rods on the edge) in all probability weight regarding 5-7 kilograms (11-15 pounds). Crammed with wiggly fish, its weight may exceed forty-five kilograms (100 pounds).

Coracle Nets

Coracle Nets

A small boat net is employed completely with small boat fishing boats, a small, concave boat. Whereas fishing with a small boat net is an ancient fishing technique that’s usually not used these days, they’re allowable in restricted elements of the planet, as well as Wales. “What could be a small boat net accustomed catch?” anglers could rise. Whereas the precise oracle net size and material used play a task within the style of fish anglers will catch, coracles are usually accustomed catch trout or salmon. Traditionally, these nets were additionally accustomed catch eels.

Furthermore, a way to use a small boat net varies counting on whether or not one or 2 anglers are gift. Whereas these styles of nets are best once operated by 2 fishermen, there are ways for using a net with only 1 person.

Bottom Trawling

Bottom Trawling

Bottom trawling is trawling (towing a trawl that could be a fishing net) on the seafloor. it’s additionally known as “dragging”. Bottom trawling is either benthal trawling or demersal trawling. Benthal trawling is towing a net at the very bottom of the ocean. Demersal trawling is towing a net simply on top of very cheap.

Another reasonably trawling is mid-water trawling (also referred to as water trawling). This can be wherever a net is towed higher within the water column. Midwater trawling catches water fish like anchovies, tuna, and mackerel. Bottom trawling catches each bottom-living fish. It additionally catches semi-pelagic species like cod, squid, shrimp, and rockfish. Trawling is finished by a trawler. This may be a little open boat or an outsized manufactory trawler.

The trawl doors disturb the bed. They produce a cloud of muddy water that hides the oncoming fishing net. It additionally makes a noise that attracts fish. The fish begin to swim before the net mouth. Because the trawl continues on the bed, fish begin to tire and slip into the net. Finally, the fish become exhausted and move, into the net and are caught. The speed that the trawl is towed at depends on the swimming speed of the species that is being targeted. It additionally depends on the gear that’s getting used. For many species, a speed of around four knots (7 km/h) is suitable. Trawling could be a terribly simple approach to catching giant amounts of fish.  However, it’s been compared to “fishing with bulldozers”. Sort of a bulldozer, it scrapes up everything on very cheap.


Drag net

A dragnet fishnet (also referred to as a beach seine) is used throughout the method of seine fishing. Once fishing with a dragnet, the net is usually meant to encircle and lure a faculty of baitfish. Once victimization this kind of net, 2 anglers ought to be a gift to soundly operate the net from the bounds. If using a long dragnet, however, over 2 anglers might have to be a gift to properly handle the net. In addition, it may also be operated from at intervals shallow waters.

“Is dragnet fishing banned in the United States?” fishermen could marvel. Whereas laws for dragnet fishing (or beach seining) vary by state, dragnets will usually solely be accustomed to catch baitfish like shrimp or mullet. In addition, any angler victimization this or a beach seine should hold a legitimate license.

Drift Net Fishing

Drift Net Fishing

Driftnet fishing could be an explicit style of gillnet fishing. Gillnets are a family of fishing nets used to catch fish at totally different depths. A fishing net could be gillnet is allowed to drift in open water for the aim of catching a target species of fish. Fashionable drift nets are in style as a result of they’ll catch giant amounts of fish quickly. The economical qualities of the follow have created it in style in several parts of the planet.

However, the drifts netting technique is somewhat polemic and is prohibited in some areas. A number of controversies stem from their tendency to catch uncaused fish and marine life. Once exploring what’s driftnet fishing, fishers ought to grasp supposed fish species may also be injured by drift nets once they are separated whereas escaping them.

Drive-in net

Drive-in net

A drive-in net is another mounted net, used by small-scale fishermen in some fisheries in Japan and South Asia, particularly within the Philippines. It’s used to catch schooling forage fish like fusiliers and different reef fish. It’s a dustpan-shaped net, resembling a trawl with long wings. The front part of the net is set on the ocean bottom. The fishermen either wait till a school swims into the net, or they drive fish into it by making some form of commotion. Then the net is closed by lifting the front end that the fish cannot escape.

Gillnet fishing

Gillnet fishing

For anglers questioning “what is gillnet fishing?” they have returned to the proper place. Gillnet fishing also nicknamed gillnetting, maybe a common technique that fishermen use in oceans, fresh bodies of water, and estuary spots. Gillnets are totally different from different choices as a result of their vertical, instead of horizontal, and set in a very line. The method fishing with gillnets works is that a fish swims into the net and passes through only partly. Because the fish makes an attempt to free itself from the net, the twine can entangle the fish and stop it from swimming elsewhere. There are been sure recorded gillnetting issues throughout the years that have eventually been addressed by law. For example, large-scale gillnetting has been illegal in water, and even sure U.S. states have deemed the following illegal.

Fyke net

Fyke net

A fyke net may be a style of the fish trap. It consists of a long cylindrical netting bag sometimes with many netting cones fitted within the netting cylinder to create entry easy and exit troublesome. This net is then mounted on rigid rings or different rigid framework and stuck on the ocean bed by anchors, ballast or stakes it also has wings or leaders to assist guide the fish towards the doorway of the bag. They’re usually used in estuaries or inshore shallow water.

Ghost Net

Ghost Net

Ghost net fishing truly refers to ghost net, which may be a net left behind and generally entangled in some type of rock or reef, catching fish and different marine life. Ghost fishing has become a problem among the commercial fishing business because of it loose to permit marine life to become entrapped, injured, or maybe killed as a result of a discarded net. Ghost net fishing issues became most prevailing within the early 2000s, once nets began entangling larger ocean creatures like whales, sharks, ocean turtles, and dolphins. One of the additional scary ghosts fishing statistics is that ghost gear accounts for a calculable ten % of all marine litter in the world.

Hand Nets

Hand Net

A hand net (or a scoop/dip net) may be a style of manual net featuring an oversized mesh basket that hangs from very cheap of a hoop. Once hand net fishing, the net could or might not feature a handle. If your net will contain handles, they’re usually stated as dip nets. “What is a hand net used for?” you’ll surprise. While varied uses of hand net equipment could embrace the catching of shallow-water baitfish, they’ll even be used to catch and unleash various species.

Furthermore, a fishpond roamer hand net may be a fashionable style of the net for several reasons. While these nets are costlier than a normal scoop or dip nets, they’re usually additional sturdy. To find out a lot of about a way to build a hand net.

Landing Nets

Landing Net

A landing net maybe a little, manual net used to transfer hooked fish from a cord to a ship or bucket. Once using fishing landing nets, anglers will simply move their catch into their boat or come back unwanted fish to the water. Moreover, the correct fishing net definition refers to bag-shaped netting connected to a handle.

“What is a landing net wont to catch?” novice anglers could surprise. Technique the tactic of using this net varies looking on the particular fish species anglers would like to catch moreover because of the fishing method. while heavier nets are ideal for catching larger fish, a rubber fishing net is best for catching and cathartic fish. In addition, a fly fishing landing net is available for bagging fish throughout the follow of fly fishing. We also write about Best fishing net for kayak and Best Fly Fishing Net You Can also Read those articles.

Lave Nets

Lave Net

A lave net may be a handmade fishnet used throughout the follow of lave net fishing, a centuries-old sport fishing technique. “The lave net definition?” anglers could surprise. While these nets aren’t used in the U.S., they’re ancient shallow-water fishnets used in parts of the nice United Kingdom. Lave net fishermen have used these manual fishing nets for thousands of years.

“What is a lave net used for?” USA fishermen could ask. While the best lave net instrumentality is used to catch salmon, these nets have traditionally been used to catch ganoids fish. Though they’re only used in sure elements of the planet, tourists could watch lave net fishermen in action while visiting the Black Rock Picnic place in Wales. However, they’re rarely used nowadays and that they aren’t available in the U.S.

Lift Nets

Lift Net

A lift net may be a style of static or movable net used to target and trap little fish. Once lift net fishing, fish become cornered within the net and therefore the angler simply lifts the net from the water in a very vertical motion. To get the best carry net for fishing, fishermen could purchase a net on-line from merchants like port Nets, Memphis net & Twine, Amazon, and Fishes.

“What is a carry net wont to catch?” anglers might surprise. Though these nets are designed to require smaller fish, several larger nets are available. Moreover, lift netting isn’t similar to lave net heritage fishing, a historical fishing technique practiced in the nice United Kingdom.

Midwater Trawls

Midwater Troll

A midwater trawl may be a massive, cone-like fishing net with one open and closed finish. Once midwater trawling, anglers will catch massive quantities of oceanic species, because the net is supposed to herd body of water fish into the giant mesh net. Consistent with the midwater trawl definition from Fish Base, these trawls could contain doors, depressor plates, meshes, and ropes.

When midwater trawl fishing, you’ll catch an oversized oceanic fish like tuna or herring. While target species could include ocean bass or shrimp, you’ll accidentally catch different marine mammals like ocean turtles. Moreover, these trawls are much larger than bottom trawls, and midwater trawling could need the use of 2 boats (known as combine trawling).

Plankton Nets

Plankton Nets

Plankton net may be a specially-designed net used to gather samples of plankton for observation and analysis functions. These nets are tow nets made of fine-mesh materials. Generally, the most plankton net use is to gather and observe live plankton from oceanic bodies of water. However, the simplest plankton net for your needs can vary looking on the particular situation.

Furthermore, plankton net tow is purchased pre-built from retailers like Amazon or a net is also created reception using easy materials like tights, twine, and metal keyrings. However, the method of a way to build a plankton net reception can vary looking on many factors

Purse Seine

Purse Seine

The purse seine, used by employed by commercial fishermen, is an evolution of the surrounding net, which successively is an evolution of the seine net. a large net is employed to surround fish, generally a complete fish school, on all sides. Very cheap of the net is then closed by actuation a line organized like a drawing string used to close the mouth of a handbag. This fully traps the fish.

Push Net

Push Net

A push net may be a small triangular fishnet with a rigid frame that’s pushed on the lowest in shallow waters and is used in elements of the southwestern Pacific for taking shrimps and tiny bottom-dwelling fishes.


Seine Net

Seine Nets


A seine may be a massive net that will be organized in a very number of various ways. In seine fishing, the net hangs vertically in the water by attaching weights on the bottom edge and floats on the highest. An easy and usually used fishing technique is with beach seine, wherever the seine net is operated from the shore. Danish seine may be a methodology that has some similarities with trawling. in the UK seine netting for Salmon and Sea-trout in coastal waters is only permissible in a very few locations and wherever it’s permissible one finish of the seine should stay fixed and therefore the different end is then waded out and returns to the fixed purpose. This variant is named Wade netting and is strictly controlled by law.

Surrounding nets

Surrounding nets

Surrounding nets are fine, heavy nets that capture fish by skirting them. Seine nets, trawls, dredges, and long lines are all styles of surrounding nets. Of these, the foremost widely used is the seine and the trawl. Beach, or drag, seines will be hauled onto a beach with their contents; others, known as purse seines, are operated from boats in deep water far away from the shore. A steel cable that runs through rings at the bottom of the seine is pulled up to shut the net. Seine nets (also called ring, or round, nets) are used to catch sardines, herring, pilchards, salmon, and tuna. The opposite principal kind of surrounding net is that the trawl, a bag-shaped net that’s dragged by a specialized vessel (trawler) on the bottom of the ocean or in midwater. Trawls are used to catch cod, haddock, place, and sole that are trapped in the net once it’s forced to the surface.

Tangle net Fishing

Tangle net Fishing

Tangle net fishing is much like gillnet fishing but has been designed to scale back hurt caused by gillnet fishing. a tangle net helps shield fish by providing a way safer means that of capture compared to traditional fishing nets. Because of the nets trap fish, the use of tangle nets in fishing reduces the chance of unplanned ocean life obtaining injured or killed by the fishing tackle. This is because several types of fish accidentally caught in tangle nets keep unhurt till they’ll be free.

Modern tangle nets are generally created using strong materials, like nylon. Sturdy materials cut back wear and prices related to net replacement. However, the tangle net fishing methodology is an environmental hazard if lost as a result of they’ll float freely for years without biodegrading. They’re infamous for entrapping marine life and endangering boat crews.

Trammel Nets

Trammel Nets

Trammel nets are one of the foremost complicated, yet economical gill nets that are in fashionable use worldwide. Unlike single wall gill nets, which can catch a slender, vary of fish sizes, the fishing net can catch a large sort of fish size. Primarily, a trammel is 3 layers of netting tied together on a typical floating and common lead line. The 2 outer layers of netting (known as walls or brails) are created out of huge mesh netting (12″ to 18″ square) with a twine size of # multifilament nylon or 0.81mm to 0.90mm monofilament. The light-weight or fine netting sandwiched between the 2 walls is usually little mesh multifilament or monofilament gill netting. Trammel nets have a large amount of light-weight gill netting hung within the nets, and fish will be caught by gilling or by tangling in the excess netting. These efficient nets are fished floating or sinking, and stationary or drifting.


Fishing nets are used widely in the past, including by Stone Age societies. The oldest better-known fishing net is that the net of Antrea found with the alternative fishing instrumentality in the Karelian city of Antrea. The net was made of willow and dates back to 8300 B.C.  Recently, fishing net sinkers from twenty-seven, 000 B.C. was discovered in Korea, creating them the oldest fishing implements discovered, to date, in the world. The remnants of another fishing net date back to the late Mesolithic and were found beside sinkers at the bottom of a former ocean. A number of the oldest rock carvings at Alta (4200–500 BC) have mysterious images, together with tangled patterns of horizontal and vertical lines sometimes explained as fishing nets. American Native Indians on the river wove seine nets from spruce root fibers or wild grass, again exploitation stones as weights. For floats, they used sticks made from cedar that moved in a very way which frightened the fish and helped keep them together. With the help of enormous canoes, pre-European Maori deployed seine nets that might be over one thousand meters long. The nets were plain-woven from green flax, with stone weights and light wood or gourd floats, require need many men to haul.

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