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7 Best Ice Fishing Sleds In 2023 [Big Space]

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Ice fishing is an exciting winter activity that requires specialized gear to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience. One of the most crucial pieces of equipment is the ice fishing sled. But what exactly is an ice fishing sled, and why should you use one? Let’s dive into the world of ice fishing sleds and explore their various types, uses, and the factors to consider when choosing the best one for your needs.

What is an Ice Fishing Sled?

An ice fishing sled, also known as a toboggan or sleigh, is a durable and lightweight vehicle designed to transport your fishing gear across the ice. It’s typically made from high-density polyethylene or other robust materials to withstand the harsh winter conditions. The sled can carry everything from your fishing rods and tackle to portable shelters and heaters, making it an essential tool for any ice fishing expedition.

Why You Should Use an Ice Fishing Sled

Using an ice fishing sled offers several benefits. Firstly, it allows you to transport your gear easily across the ice, saving you the strain of carrying heavy equipment. Secondly, it keeps your gear organized and accessible, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips. Lastly, a good sled can protect your gear from the elements, keeping it dry and safe from the snow and ice.

07 Best Ice Fishing Sleds

  1. Shappell Kodiak 1 Sled​​​​
  2.  Terrain Utility Sled
  3. Shappell Jet SLED-Multi-Purpose SLED
  4. Terrain Sport Sled D54
  5.  Flexible Flyer Utility Pull Sled
  6. Shappell Jet Sled Junior Fishing Shelter
  7. Shappell JSR Jet Sled Jr Upsable

07 Best Ice Fishing Sleds On Market Reviews and Buying Guide!


01. Shappell Kodiak 1 Sled


Shappell Kodiak 1 Sled


The Shappell Kodiak is the best ice fishing sled. This heavy-duty version Jet sled is made by the brand KODIAK. It comes up with different styles and shapes. It’s approximately 25% heavier than traditional sleds. Besides, it comes up with some extra height to serve you with enhanced capability.

It comes up with the highest quality in the market. With this high-performance fishing sled, your packaging is much more pleasant. The rugged polyethylene construction it contains is outstanding and durable. For ultra-strength and stability, it has molded runners. It weighs 15 lbs. The suggested uses of this Kodiak sled are ice fishing, traps, firewood, transporting deer, etc.


  • High quality and performance
  • Molded runners for stability
  • Heavy-duty version
  • Extra height
  • Best sled for ice fishing


  • Doesn’t ship internationally



02. Terrain Utility Sled




Here’s our second pick. This top-quality sled is made by the brand Terrain and it can provide you with a lot. This sled is basically made for light packaging. So, it would be better if you cancel your plan for too many gears. But, there are a few facts.

Carrying pieces of stuff with this one is too much easy with or without snow cover. It means though you don’t have a snow cover, you can run at the same speed. Besides, it comes up in the market with a great and shining outlook which is capable of blowing everyone’s mind easily.

The package of this ice fishing sled contains a heavy-duty tie-down rope of crosslink. So, pulling the thing with you is much easier now. By the by, it keeps the game cleaner with it. Which makes your gear-hauling easy. Let’s check out its pros and cons.


  • Crosslink tie-down rope
  • Game cleaner included
  • High-quality material
  • Innovative design and outlook
  • High durability and flexibility


  • Not that many heavy-duty



03. Shappell Jet SLED-Multi-Purpose SLED


Shappell Jet Ice Fishing Sled


The third fishing sled on our list is also made by the brand Shappell. This Jet sled is basically a multi-purpose sled and can be used to perform various actions. Let’s jump into the features section to learn more about what the product actually has to offer.

This fishing sled comes up in the market with rugged polyethylene construction which made it one of the most durable fishing sleds on the market. The dimensions of this sled are L 54″ x W 24″. Besides, it contains molded runners for great stability and strength.

The contoured hull allows you to pull the sled with you easily by your hand and this one is ideal for various tasks like ice fishing, deer transporting, firewood, etc. Let’s take a look at its pros and cons.


  • Ideal sled for ice fishing
  • Rugged polyethylene construction
  • Molded runners
  • Contoured hull
  • High-quality building material and method


  • Has some slide issue



04. Terrain Sport Sled D54





The Terrain sport sled is the 4th sled on our list. Having some cool features and advantages made this one of the best ice fishing sleds. Let’s jump into the inner review.

This sport sled works well at almost every task and it doesn’t matter whether you’re fishing, hunting, or hauling your gear. Besides, it features a heavy-duty rope to pull the sled with you easily. This one is easy to pull by hand. There’s a ribbed bottom too for navigating.

This sled is Designed with high-impact polyethylene construction. As a result, it’s pretty lightweight and provides its users long time durability. The size of this one is 4.5 feet and the color is black.


  • Versatile and goes with every task
  • Easy to pull by hand
  • Heavy-duty rope
  • Polyethylene material
  • Lightweight and durable
  • 4.5 feet size


  • Has some shipping restriction



05. Flexible Flyer Utility Pull Sled



Flexible Flyer Large Utility Pull Sled. Ice Fishing, Deer Hunting, Firewood, Work Cargo, 60”


This flexible flyer utility pull sled is one of the best ice fishing sleds as it contains a lot of useful features and facilities to help you out. Let’s take a look at its features to learn more.

This one is a large utility sled and it’s a heavy-duty sled to carry your gears with you when you’re hunting, fishing, or farming. Besides, it contains 4 five gallon buckets. This fishing sled is highly durable and contains polyethylene construction. Besides, this one is easy to pull with your hand and you can use this to perform multiple actions.


  • Polyethylene construction
  • Versatile sled
  • Easy to pull
  • Thick rope included


  • A bit thin



06. Shappell Jet Sled Junior Fishing Shelter



Shappell Jet Sled Junior Fishing Shelter, Winter Camo



Here’s another fishing sled of the brand Shappell. In this short ice fishing sled list, there are a lot of shappell fishing sleds. Do you know what it means? It means their quality proved and much reputed. Let’s take a look at its features with pros and cons.

This one is basically is a polyethylene sled designed to perform multiple purposes. It contains molded runners for great stability and strength. This shappell jet sled junior fishing shelter contains a specialty contoured hull which basically allows the user to pull up the sled with him easily.

The dimensions of this fishing sled are L 42″ x w 21″ x H 8″. This shappell fishing sled comes up with a great design and building method. It has a winter camo color coating on the body. This color is great and outstanding.


  • Polyethylene multi-purpose Sled
  • Specialty contoured hull
  • Winter camo color
  • Molded runners for stability
  •  Optional hitches


  • Color coating is not durable



07. Shappell JSR Jet Sled Jr Upsable



Shappell JSR Jet Sled Jr Upsable, 21 x 43 x 8-Inch


If you came through all those sleds described above and didn’t find any of those interesting, hold on and give yourself a break. Here we got another fishing sled only for you and it’s made by the brand shappell. So, there are chances that you can get features like the first sled of our top 7 best fishing sleds list.

This shappell fishing sled can offer you a lot on a short budget. This feature made this fishing sled one of the best ice fishing sleds. It comes up in the market with a great design and outlook. The body size specification of this sled is 21-inch x 43-inch x 8-Inch.

This durable fishing sled is specially designed for ice fishing applications. The building method and building material made this product highly durable. So, you can go for this one if you have a pretty low budget and you want to get a lot of features. It’s ideal for such a budget.


  • High building material
  • High building method
  • Great durability and performance
  • Low budget sled
  • Helpful features and facilities


  • No mentionable cons



Various Types of Ice Fishing Sleds

Ice fishing sleds come in various types, each designed to suit different conditions and needs:

  1. Flat Bottom Sleds: These sleds are perfect for smooth, flat ice surfaces. They glide easily and are typically lightweight, making them easy to pull.
  2. Runner Sleds: These sleds have runners or skis on the bottom, making them ideal for rough or uneven ice surfaces. The runners help to reduce friction and improve maneuverability.
  3. Shelter Sleds: These sleds come with a built-in shelter or the ability to attach one. They’re great for long fishing trips, providing a warm and comfortable space to fish from.
  4. Towable Sleds: These sleds are designed to be towed behind a snowmobile or ATV, making them perfect for long treks across the ice.


Different Types of Ice Fishing Styles and Sled Selection

Your choice of sled can also depend on your ice fishing style:

  1. Stationary Fishing: If you prefer to stay in one spot, a shelter sled would be ideal. It provides a comfortable space to fish from and can hold all your gear.
  2. Roaming Fishing: If you like to move around and try different spots, a lightweight flat bottom or runner sled would be best. They’re easy to pull and can quickly be moved to a new location.
  3. Long Distance Fishing: If you travel long distances across the ice, a towable sled would be the best choice. It can carry a large amount of gear and can be easily pulled by a snowmobile or ATV.

Setting up your ice fishing sled:

Setting up your ice fishing sled correctly can make your fishing trip more efficient and enjoyable. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Organize Your Gear: Start by gathering all the gear you’ll need for your ice fishing trip. This could include fishing rods, tackle, bait, an ice auger, a portable shelter, a heater, and any personal items like food and drinks.
  2. Load the Sled: Begin loading your sled with the heaviest items first. These could include your portable shelter, heater, and ice auger. Placing the heaviest items at the bottom will help to lower the sled’s center of gravity, making it more stable and easier to pull.
  3. Add Medium-Weight Items: Next, add your medium-weight items such as tackle boxes, bait containers, and food and drink. Try to distribute the weight evenly across the sled to maintain balance.
  4. Top with Lightweight Items: Place your lightweight items, like fishing rods and clothing, on top. These items are less likely to damage other gear if they shift during transit.
  5. Secure Your Gear: Once everything is loaded, secure your gear with bungee cords, straps, or netting to prevent it from shifting or falling out of the sled while you’re moving. If your sled has built-in compartments or pockets, use these to keep smaller items organized and easy to find.
  6. Attach the Tow Rope or Handle: Finally, attach the tow rope or handle to the front of the sled. Make sure it’s secure and at a comfortable length for pulling.


Ice Fishing Sled Modifications:

Modifying your ice fishing sled can greatly enhance its functionality and make your ice fishing trips more efficient and enjoyable. Here are some popular modifications you might consider:

  1. Adding Poles or Rails: Installing poles or rails on the sides of your sled can help secure your gear and prevent it from falling out during transit. They can also be used to hang items like gloves or hats to dry.
  2. Installing a Cover: A cover can protect your gear from snow, ice, and wind while you’re moving across the ice. You can use a commercially available sled cover or make your own from a tarp or other waterproof material.
  3. Attaching Additional Ropes or Handles: Adding extra ropes or handles can make your sled easier to pull, especially if you’re sharing the load with a friend. Make sure any additional ropes or handles are securely attached and strong enough to withstand the weight of the sled.
  4. Adding Padding: If your sled doesn’t have a padded seat, consider adding one. This can make your ice fishing trips more comfortable, especially if you’re on the ice for extended periods.
  5. Installing Built-In Storage: Adding built-in storage compartments or boxes can help keep your gear organized and easy to find. You can use plastic bins, buckets, or even build your own wooden compartments.
  6. Adding Lights: If you plan on ice fishing early in the morning or late in the evening, adding lights to your sled can be a great modification. LED strip lights are a popular choice as they’re bright, energy-efficient, and easy to install.
  7. Mounting Rod Holders: Installing rod holders can free up your hands and keep your fishing rods secure while you’re moving or when you have multiple lines in the water.


Best Ice Fishing Sled Buying Guide: How to choose the best ice fishing sled for you?

Choosing the best sled can be a little tricky because there are a lot in the market and you may get confused about which one you need exactly. To help you out, we’re here to show you a few facts that will make your purchase easier. Let’s take a look at those step by step.


Sled size:

This is the most important factor you need to check when you’re headed to buy the best sled. Now, when there’s a need for a sled, it means you have a lot of things you want to carry with you. You have a lot of gears that you might need while you’re fishing, no?

So, the best suggestion for sled size is you go for a bigger size. With this, you can carry huge things with you for your fishing or other tasks.


Shape and Design:

The shape of the sled can affect its performance on the ice. A sled with a wide, flat bottom tends to glide smoothly on flat ice, while a sled with runners or skis can handle rough or uneven ice better. Some sleds also come with built-in compartments or pockets for better organization of your gear.


Weight of the sled:

This one is an important fact too! Whether your hand pulling the sled or you’re getting it attached with your snowmobile, you need to go for a lightweight sled. Almost every sled is lightweight nowadays.



Durability is an important factor for your sled. If your sled is made of ordinary building material, it won’t last long and you won’t be able to get enough out of it. So, it’s essential that you buy a sled that’s durable and made with high-quality building components.


Outlook and color:

Don’t buy a sled with a weird color coating. Keep it simple. Besides, keep the outlook and design great while you’re choosing a sled to be your helping hand.


Tow Rope or Handle:

A sturdy tow rope or handle is essential for pulling the sled across the ice. Some sleds feature a curved front, which helps in reducing resistance when pulling.


Shelter Compatibility

If you plan on spending long periods on the ice, a sled that can accommodate or attach to a portable shelter is a great feature. This provides a warm and comfortable space to fish from.


Snowmobile Usability:

If you’re using a snowmobile for your ice fishing trips, you’ll need a sled that can keep up. A sled designed to be towed by a snowmobile can make your ice fishing expeditions more efficient and enjoyable.


Bucket holders:

Usability of your sled:

Check the usability of the sled before buying it permanently. Check if the package contains the pulling rope or not. Besides, don’t forget to check the weight and capacity.



The sled should be easy to maneuver, even when loaded with gear. This is particularly important if you plan to move around different fishing spots.



In conclusion, an ice fishing sled is an invaluable tool that can enhance your ice fishing experience. By understanding the different types of sleds and considering your fishing style and needs, you can choose the perfect sled for your next ice fishing adventure. Happy fishing!

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