Best Drill for Ice Auger

4 Best Drill For Ice Auger In 2023 (Cordless Drill)

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As an avid ice fisher, I’ve spent countless hours on the ice, drilling holes with various tools. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that the drill you choose for your ice auger can make or break your fishing experience. That’s why I’ve decided to share my insights and help you find the best drill for your ice auger.

Choosing the right drill is not just about picking the most powerful or the most expensive one on the market. It’s about understanding your needs, the conditions you’ll be fishing in, and the features that will make your ice fishing adventure more efficient and enjoyable.

A drill that comes up with premium-grade metal construction along with a brushless motor, and has a flashing system for illumination can be called the best drill for ice auger. You need to check other features too! It must have a good quality handle that gives a superior grip. Besides, you need to check the clutch function and build quality.

So, whether you’re new to ice fishing or a seasoned pro looking to upgrade your gear, stick around. I’m here to guide you through the process and help you find the perfect drill for your ice auger. Let’s make your next ice fishing trip the best one yet!

So, here are the best drills for ice auger.

4 Best Drills for Ice Auger

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4 Best Drills for Ice Auger Review with Pros & Cons!

1. Ridgid R86116 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless Compact Hammer Drill [Battery]

Ridgid R86116 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Brushless Compact Hammer Drill w/ 100-Setting Micro Clutch and LED Lighting (Battery Not Included / Power Tool Only)

This one is our first priority. If you’re looking for the best drill for ice auger in a preferable budget, you can go for this Ridgid Hammer Drill undoubtedly. This one comes up with a lot of cool features and advantages to provide you with the smoothness of drilling. Besides, this is one of the best drills for its high-quality material and great durability. Let’s check out its features to learn more.

This Ridgid drill comes up in the market with a fully adjustable clutch. This drill can provide you great positioning. You’ll be surprised after knowing that it can serve you with over 100 possible positions. To produce the specific amount of torque, you can tighten the clutch easily. Besides, it has a brushless motor. This type of motor runs faster and lasts far more than other traditional motors.

To keep your working spot illuminated and saved from the darkness, it has LED lighting feature. On the front of the tool, there’s a LED which can provide you the required illumination. The Ridgid Drill features an auxiliary handle. This handle works great whether you’re left handed or right handed. The Ergonomic grip it can provide is much smooth and there’s no chance of slipping off!


  • Adjustable clutch included
  • Brushless motor for a fast run
  • High-quality material and durability
  • LED light for illumination
  • Ergonomic grip and Auxiliary handle


  • Doesn’t ship to the whole world


2. Dewalt DCD996BR 20V MAX XR Cordless Lithium-Ion Brushless Hammer Drill [Battery]

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Hammer Drill, Brushless, 3-Speed, Tool Only (DCD996B)

The second pick of this list is made by the brand named Dewalt. This brand is making this type of gear from a long time now and they’re happily successful. Just like the first one, this drill also has some cool features and advantages too! These features made it one of the best drills. Let’s take a look at those.

This one comes up with 3-speed mode. It contains built-in high power construction. It contains a brushless motor too just like the past one. This type of motor can provide you a lot as it lasts longer and gives more speed while spinning. It can deliver up to 57 more runtimes. The Dewalt cordless drill comes up with 3 different modes of LED. This feature is to give you the convenient of drilling.

 You can illuminate according to your needs. The LED is almost 20x brighter than the previous model of this brand. The power of this one is 20V at maximum. The drill is cordless. So, you can work in every position you want. Let’s take a look at its pros and cons.


  • 3 mode LED light
  • Great and brighter illumination
  • Brushless motor
  • Heavy durable material
  • Cordless drill


  • Has some shipping issue


03. Milwaukee 2804-20 M18 FUEL 1/2 in. Hammer Drill [Battery]

Milwaukee 2804-20 M18 FUEL 1/2 in. Hammer Drill (Tool Only) Tool-Peak Torque = 1,200

The third product of this list is made by the famous and well-known brand Milwaukee. They’re making electric tools from a long time now and they’re doing really well. This one is one of the toughest products of them. Keeping almost every feature, this can provide you a lot. Let’s jump into the inner review section to learn more about this.

This drill has a power state brushless motor. This type of motor can provide a lot when you need it the most. This type of motors is fast enough and highly durable. The manufacturers say that it can provide 60% more power than other traditional motors. Redlink intelligence ensures optimal performance. This feature can provide overload protection too. This protection basically prevents damages of the battery and other tools.

This drill comes up with REd Lithium xc5 battery pack to give you the maximum energy you need. This can be a great source of power when you’re digging up. Let’s jump into the pros and cons section.


  • Brushless motor for faster run
  • High-quality material and durability
  • Lithium pack battery
  • 60% more energy
  • Redlink plus intelligence


  • No mentionable cons


04. Hitachi DS18DGL 18-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/2 Inch Compact Drill

Hitachi DS18DGL 18-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/2 Inch Compact Drill Driver Kit (Lifetime Tool Warranty) (Discontinued by the Manufacturer)

If you’ve come through all those three drills described above and didn’t find any of those much interesting, hold on! We’ve got another masterclass drill only designed for you. Rely on us and give this one a try undoubtedly. We assure you, you won’t get disappointed.

This one is made by the masterclass brand Hitachi. This is their best product on the market right now. The great features of this product made it one of the best drills for ice auger. The Hitachi Drill comes up with a lithium-ion battery pack. You’ll be glad to know that, they serve a warranty too! This type of batteries are lightweight and can provide great power. It can provide a powerful 400 in/lbs torque to handle tough jobs. This drill has a two-speed gear setting. With this setting, you can match the appropriate speed. The stage clutch of this one can provide 22 different torque settings.

The Hitachi drill contains a LED light too! With this light, you can illuminate your working place to work with pleasure.


  • Great warranty feature
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Two-speed gear setting
  • LED light for effective brightness


  • The charger is a bit weak


How to buy the Best Drill for Ice Auger: The Ultimate Buying Guide!

Drills are far more powerful and they can provide greater speed and power during drilling than a hand drill. So, you can choose electric or cordless drill if you have some tough task to deal with. Now, the fact is you may get confused while you’re buying the best drill from the market because there are a lot of drills. Which one will you buy?

We’re here to answer your question. In this section, we’re going to share some facts with which you can easily determine your drill is good or bad. There are some common features that you need to check up while you’re buying a drill. Let’s take a look at those step by step.

Building material and method

  • These two are the most important things you need to check before you buy a drill. If your drill is made with low-quality cheap material, it won’t last long. Besides, if your drill is made with some ordinary building method, you won’t get features out of it. So, it’s essential that you buy a drill that comes up in the market with a good building method and material.

Brushless motor

  • These types of motors are the most popular motors in the market right now. A brushless motor can serve you many things. Great energy, speed, power, and durability. So, we recommend you buy a drill that comes up in the market with a brushless motor.

LED feature

  • This one is an important feature too! If your drill doesn’t have an LED light feature, you won’t be able to illuminate the working place. It’ll create a problem if you don’t have proper external lighting facilities. LED light features help in many ways. You can use it when you’re not using the drill too! Nowadays, almost every drill comes up with a built-in LED included.
  • The 4 drills in this list have LED light features. You can choose any of these according to your budget.


  • Lithium-Ion batteries are quite popular nowadays. These are lighter than other traditional batteries. Besides, they’re durable enough to blow your mind. They can provide you with great energy you need. So, it’s recommended that you go for a drill that comes up with Lithium-Ion battery package.

Speed mode and clutch

  • Drills with various speed mode work better. When the clutch is easily adjustable, you can increase or decrease the amount of torque easily. Many drills have this mode feature. It indicates low speed or high speed. You can adjust the motor speed with your clutch too! So, when you’re buying a drill, either you go for an adjustable clutch drill or you go for a drill with speed modes. Don’t buy a drill without these.

These are some common facts that you need to check before you buy a drill for ice auger. Let’s check out some common questions.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the Best drill for an Ice Auger?

A: There are many drills out there in the market. According to our choice, the best drill for ice auger is the Ridgid R86116 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill. You can find a lot like this one. But you won’t get the durability as this one can provide.

Q: Why ice augers used for?

A: Ice augers are basically used for cutting ice or digging and making a hole out of it. With an ice auger, you can do some really good jobs.

Q: What is a wood auger?

A: The job of wood augers is totally different from the ice auger. It cuts through woods. On the other hand, the job of ice auger is to cut ice.

Mastering the Art of Ice Drilling: A Comprehensive Guide to Using an Ice Auger

Ice fishing is a popular winter activity that requires the right tools and techniques to be successful. One of the most essential tools in an ice fisher’s arsenal is the ice auger. Over the years, the use of cordless drills for ice augers has become increasingly popular due to their efficiency and convenience. Here are some tips to help you drill through the ice like a pro.

Choosing the Right Drill

When selecting a drill for your ice auger, the torque specification is crucial. The torque determines the drill’s turning power, and a higher torque means more power to cut through the ice. A drill with a torque of around 1200 inch-pounds is ideal, but drills with a torque of 725 inch-pounds can also work, albeit with a noticeable difference in power.

Ensure your drill has a brushless motor. Brushless motors are more efficient and durable than brushed motors, which tend to wear out faster. A drill with a brushed motor might not last a full ice fishing season, while a brushless motor can provide reliable service for several seasons.

Battery and Speed Settings

A drill with a 5 amp-hour or higher battery is recommended. Although smaller 2 or 3 amp-hour batteries can work, they may not perform as well, especially with larger drills. A fully charged 9 amp-hour battery, for instance, can drill over a hundred holes through thick ice before needing a recharge.

When it comes to speed settings, slower is often better. A lower speed setting allows for better control and handling of the drill. Most drills have two speed settings, and setting one is usually the slower and more suitable option for ice drilling.

Using the Drill

Before you start drilling, ensure the drill is securely attached to the auger. Some drills come with a cordless drill adapter, which can be a handy tool to ensure a secure fit. Also, make sure to tighten the chuck with a wrench for a snug fit.

When drilling, apply steady pressure and let the drill do the work. If your auger has sharp blades, drilling through the ice should be effortless. Remember, the key to efficient drilling is sharp blades, not brute force.

Safety Measures

Safety should always be a priority when drilling through ice. Most drills come with a side handle for better control and balance. Using this handle can prevent accidents and ensure a smoother drilling process.

Additionally, some drills come with safety features to prevent the loss of your auger. For instance, if the auger slips off the chuck, these safety features can prevent it from falling into the ice hole.


5 Exclusive Tips for Drilling with an Ice auger

Here are a few tips to help you out when you’re with your drill and auger and ready to go! These tips will give you a little comfort!

  1. Inspect your fishing spot before you start drilling. It’s always good to inspect the condition of the spot and where exactly you’ll be fishing.
  2. Keep the power of your drill adjusted and always choose a suitable auger. Don’t rush or don’t do powerful drilling on a thin layer.
  3. Keep your feet secured and perfectly aligned while you start drilling and you’re using a cordless drill for ice auger. This will make the hole precise and straight.
  4. Don’t push down with too much pressure and let the blade do all the work. If you push it hard, there are chances of cracking.
  5. Don’t forget to do drill and ice auger attachment properly and in a good manner. When you finished up, don’t forget to clean your auger. It’ll make your auger long-lasting.


So, these are our best drills for ice auger. If you’re a fishing enthusiast or if you’re searching for such a drill, you can choose any of these. All 4 of these are tested, good enough, and can provide you a lot according to your needs.

In this article, we’ve shared the top 4 best drills for ice augers on the market right now with their review, pros, and cons. In the end, we’ve also shared a buying guide too to make your purchase more specific. If you’ve any questions left in your mind till now, feel free to leave a comment here or contact us directly. To read more articles like this, visit our website.

Thanks for your time!

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