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11 Best Catfish Rods In 2022 [Catfish Special]

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When You Are Fishing For Catfish, You Must Need Appropriate Fishing Gear For Catfish. For Super Strength Of Catfish, Ordinary Fishing Gear Can’t Fulfill Your Needs Here. So In This Article, I Will Talk About The Best Catfish Rods. I Ensure You That, These Rods Have All the Special Feature That is Needed In Catfishing.

Now Which Is The Best Catfish Rod? Well, By Our Research, These Rods Are Best For Catfish.

11 Best Catfish Rods

These Catfish Rods Have Strong Backbone, High-Quality Rod Guides, Perfect Rod Action, Quality Rod Tip, And Very Comfortable Rod Handle. So You Can Choose Your Best Catfish Rods From Here Very Easily.

11 Best Catfish Rods Review With Pros & Cons

1- ​​St Croix Mojo Catfish Casting Rods

New St. Croix Mojo casting rods catalog are assembled with the specific kayak and new colorful Premium-grade cork handle for fishing. They use the similar basis of the common Mojo series but with different lengths and actions and strong aluminum-oxide rings. These Casting Rods combine the construction of Kigan hook-keeper the anglers accepted Mojo series with blue catfish anglers, new channel, and flathead. It made from high-modulus SC III graphite blanks and linear S-glass. The St. Croix Mojo Yak bait casting rods have been particularly the ability to use IPC structure to provide specific, accurate, techniques meet the demands of kayak anglers.


  • Brand: St Croix
  • Model: St Croix Mojo
  • 100% linear S-glass
  • Handle: Premium-grade cork handle
  • Power: Medium
  • Action: Fast
  • Rod Length: 7 fits


  • Beginners can enjoy very much for its high-grade components and taper action
  • It has an elevated stage of sensitivity
  • The premium SCII graphite gives a remarkable durability level.
  • It presents wonderful sensitivity, hook setting power, and strength


  • It has little guide nearby to the reel


2- OKUMA Battle Cat Catfish Spinning Rods

Okuma BC-S-802H Battle Spinning Catfish Rod, 8' Length, 2 Piece Rod, Heavy Power

This Rod is able to throw long distance to get inside the feeds and give a movement to the typical fish artifice forage.  This Spinning rod made of 2-piece blank construction also made up of powerful and strong E-Glass rod blanks elements. This Rod is very soft and sensitive for fishing Catfish.  Its hood is anti-corrosion of seawater. It is made of aluminum hoods, durable stainless steel hook keeper and dual foot stainless steel materials. Specially designed for spinning, it has an ideal length for professional catfish angler. The cork handle guarantees a firm and comfortable grip, with a high level of EVA for grip.


  • Model number: 3823524-P
  • Action: Medium-fast
  • Power: Heavy
  • Protection: Full cork rear grip
  • Handle: Custom handles system
  • Weight: 15-60 lb


  • This rod is mainly planed to make sure perfect balance and control
  • Angler can handle this rod very easily
  • The full cork caps edge guard rear grips decrease the binding in rod holders.
  • Battle Cat rods characteristic enclose a fluorescent light for signal detection at night.


  • It seems a little bit heavier for some anglers


3-Rippin Lips Super Catfish Casting Rod



The Rippin Lips Super Cat Casting Rod is the ideal catfishing rod perfect for those who practice Casting. Especially in lake waters and fluvial has the advantage of being Split Grip design for Casting, light and flexible and of being able to adapt easily even to beginners and youngsters. This excellent and practical rod made of pieces in graphite blank, S-Glass, and E-Glass. The measures already recommended for fishing in streams are 7 / 8ft. A material of the EVA split grip handle. This rod is 7’6 inch long and total weight only 11.2 ounces during transport.


  • Model number: RL76MH-1C
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces
  • Length: 7.6 inches
  • Action: medium and heavy
  • Handle: EVA split grip
  • Materials: heavier stainless steel guides
  • Glass Features: graphite blank E-Glass and S-Glass and


  • Once folded, the Rod becomes a small length thus very practical to carry.
  • It is made perfectly and with the highest quality materials, for more, it is very economical.
  • The EVA split grip handle helps to maintain great balance for battling big Catfish.
  • You will get a comfortable under-arm in shape and hooks setting power and during fishing


  • The length of this rod seems also be difficult for the beginner


4- Rippin Lips Super Catfish Spinning Rod


It is used for professional catfish chasing also. Guide is made of stainless steel. It is having good poise during catching big fish, convenient usage, layer of chrome has been provided over the stainless steel guide to enhance the strength. There are some reeling rod types of which are those has been provided with ceramic guide implant. Guide overlays have got the epoxy forting for more safeguard. Tops can be seen easily at night time also to catch the fish. It has 1 piece & 2 piece types of variation.


Package dimension- 47.5×2.5×2.5inches.

Parts heft- 1 Pounds.

Transportation heft- 1 pounds.


Producer- Rippin-lips.


  • Toughest & good looking.
  • Light to carry.
  • Nice balancing.
  • For large muskies.


  • The glow tip does not last long 7 you have to shine a light on it for a while to change it.


5- Ugly Stik Elite Catfish Spinning Rod

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod 7' - Medium Heavy - 1pc

Best known Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod is in the sector as the best competitor of catfish Rod. This model of spinning rod is the best sellers of the moment. It is made of composite with 35% graphite for excellent feel and strength with cork handle. It has the part of stainless steel Ugly Tuff guides to reduce the inclusion of pop-outs and make useable with every kind of line. If a bit ‘inconvenient as it must be composed before use each time, it is more robust, responsiveness and more strength. By reading user reviews, this model is sometimes a bit too soft for some predators.


  • Model number: USESP701MH
  • Dimensions: 2 x 84.6 x 2 inches
  • Length: 7 inches
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces


  • It is one of the cheapest Spinning Rod
  • You cannot expect such an extreme performance with the low price from this rod
  • The tip is mainly well built
  • Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod is good for fairly big catfish


  • It has the possibility to break if handled hastily


6-B’n’M Silver Cat Magnum Catfish Casting Rod

BnM Silver Cat Elite Rod 7.5 ft 1 pc

Excellent surfcasting rod and one of the best sold online, this model is made entirely of carbon fiber that gives it elasticity and strength. Look to get an overview of the product to understand if it can do or not for you. It is made of Aluminum Oxide with ceramic insert guides mixed with 100% fiberglass. Its design solution makes it highly flexible and at the same time very robust. The promise of this brand appeared recently and focuses on creativity and innovation would be of a product with new features and performance. Despite the over in length, it is very light and has a very responsive handle designed especially for Casting Rod.


  • Model number: MAG75C-1
  • Action: Medium-Heavy
  • Protection: No slip Nylon cord grip
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Length: 7.5-Feet
  • Color: Silver and Red


  • The reel is included in the price, which makes the overall offer interesting.
  • This rod has a Medium action rod with a responsive tip
  • Nylon cord grip prevents slipping possibility
  • You will get best class graphite blank with strong handle structure.


  • You have to adjust yourself to its length.


7-UglyStik GX2 Catfish Casting Rod

Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod, 5'6", Medium, 1pc

This product is very popular among fishing fans and lovers for it is the lighter weight and EVA foam handles of the rod. So if you are looking for quality go choose it without any doubt. We recommend for those who are already experienced and want something more. According to users’ opinions, this is one of the most appreciated surfcasting models.  It is a special rod has modern Tech structure made of graphite and fiberglass to make a responsive, durable and strong rod through better balance.


  • Ugly Tuff and Ugly Tech structure
  • Single part guide design
  • Heavy-duty Ugly Stik plain tip


  • Its power characteristic makes sure that rod does not curve greatly.
  • This product is perfect for fast-water fishing.
  • The rod has a powerful and susceptible application
  • The well-located and well-located qualities are the main advantages of this catfish rod.


  • The only problem is the price, which in comparison to the average of our ranking is expensive.


8-Shakespeare Ugly Stik Catfish Spinning Fishing Rod


The wise anglers prefer Shakespeare Ugly Stik for its great value priced and adaptable sensitivity and durability.  Its structure is a mixture of fiberglass and graphite with fast-taper Clear Tip design. Catfish Spinning Rod presents marvelous strength in a rod and relaxed EVA handle.  Its characteristic one-piece Ugly Tuff guides with an only piece of stainless steel to reduce ceramic guide include popping out and oppose saltwater decay.


  • Model number: 1366951
  • Dimensions: 86 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Size: 7’/Medium Heavy
  • Item Type: Catfishing Rod


  • The robust EVA handles offer fish fighting and casting comfort all time.
  • The unique Ugly Stik Rod, the Catfish Rod has the famous Clear Tip to improve sympathy and power
  • It has incredible toughness and strength


  • That is hardly sufficient to endure being banged approximately at night while catfishing.


9-Ugly Stik Catfish Casting Fishing Rod

Ugly Stik Catfish Casting Fishing Rod

Every rods of this type has the characteristic of having the free point to maintain the susceptibility. It has good stiffness with endurance. Ugly tuff is made of stainless steel, it is one piece type. It is manufactured for average to massive activities. Ugly stik has got free top model. Caoutchoue gimbal is fixed with pleasant EVA clutch. It is suitable for prostrate casting & for encountering huge catfish.


Deftness- catfish.

Rod thoroughness-7’

Rod caliber –Average massive.

Sections- 1.

Spinner posture –Usual.

Lure ranking- ½ – 3

Rod haft component- EVA.

Amount of guides- Eight.

Gimbal- Positive.

Rod haft norm-A.

Line ranking- 15-30.

Rod blank material- Ugly tech composition.

Guide Norm- Stainless steel.

Rod action- Average swift.

Manufacture information 8’- Moderate.

Weighty- 2 Pcs.

Manufacturing metering- 96x3x3 inches.

Weight-12.6 Ounces



  • Can be bent up to a large angle without breaking-down.
  • Facile to demeanor.
  • Dynamic as well as impressionable.
  • Heft of the rod is futik.
  • Cushy foam control, trigger spool posture.
  • Prominent rod but can be purchased by a very legitimate price.


  • This item may cause you to face to the viscose along TDI,which one is sometimes responsible for cancer, parturition blemish.


10-OKUMA 219087 Battle Cat 2pc Heavy

219087 Okuma Battle Cat 2pc Heavy 7' 6in Casting Rod BC-C-762H

It is E-glass type of rod for devoid. It is constructed as very immensely lasting equipment overall. Plug shove portion has reduced heat in case of fishing by knob stick astringent. Guides & hook shield are made of stainless steel to meet the property of having strength & counteraction against degradation. Reed spool posture are made of graphite, cannot be slipped easily, Caoutchoue gimbals are used there. Transiting is very easy. To increase the sight at night special type of referential apex is used. Has got warranty also. Normally it is usable for massive operations.


Rod length- 7.6’inch.

Line heft- 15-60lbs.

Lure weight- 1-80z.

Guides- 9+ tip.

Weighs- 17oz.BC-C-762h.

Product dimensions- 90×1.5×1.5 inches.

Weight:  1.13 pounds


  • We can use this one for catching massive catfishes. It can endure tremendous load.
  • Has got especial characteristics. It is having a good looking pole.
  • Its tip is mild so provides flexibility for round hook.
  • Can be used for low draught fishing also. Lights luminosity can be controlled according to the requirement.
  • Akena vortex is spooled. The stick blank implants into the haft. So, there is less possibility of getting broken down.


  • It has been included in the act of proposition 65, which one is for making the rabble conscious about the probable causes of cancer & generative toxicology. This act helps users to re-consider about the probable side effect of these type of products.


11-Shakespeare Ugly Stik Tiger Casting Rod

Ugly Stik Tiger Casting Rod


  1.  It provides the capacity as well as so many varieties of great fishing in broad water.
  2. It is made by a form of carbon which one is called graphite in combination with fibreglass.
  3. It is brawny as well as impressionable.
  4.  Easy to operate.
  5. Tufa guide is made of stainless steel for preventing rust & lasting & it has got the lasting characteristic which one is single piece only.
  6.  Spinner posture is of common type & it is also made of stainless steel.

Product information:

  • Bale degrees- 84x2x2inches.
  • Ingredient heft- 13.6 ounces.
  • Transportation heft- 13.6 ounces.
  • Division- Unisex-adult.
  • Producer- Pure fishing.


  • It has got the appliance range of average to elevated scale.
  • Lengthy in size but blonde.
  • Only single piece.
  • Pleasant using.
  • Long lasting.
  • Cheaper one to buy.
  • No implantation in the eyes.


  • It is not suitable for fishing in rough current at sea.


What is a catfish rod?

We know there are different types of fishing rods. Spinning rods and casting rods are most popular fishing rods of them. Catfish Rod can be spinning rod or catfish rod can be a casting rod.

Mainly when people use spinning reel they use spinning rod and when they use baitcasting reel they use casting rod.

So a catfish rod can be a spinning rod or a casting rod. Catfish are one of the most strong fish in freshwater also river. So for their strength catfish rods must be very strong so that rods can bear that fighting strength,

So catfish rods are strong, flexible, easy to handle etc.

How to choose the catfish rod

Choosing a good fishing rod you must know first the fish type that we will go fishing to avoid having an over sized fish in the barrel. That could endanger our equipment purchased with so much sweat. The online market is the ideal place to buy the model you want. Many products are waiting for you to compare with the opinions and tests published online. On the net, it is easy to find advantageous offers and flexible products, are sold at the lowest price. You should check the basic element of the fishing rod, the reel-holder, rings, handle, kick or foot trolling for trolling rods and the stem. Before deciding whether this is your new fishing rod, we advise you to read the Buying Guides.


Some rods have a mix of glass fiber and carbon fiber that, by aggregating the properties of the two materials, gives an outstanding elasticity combined with the great sensitivity. Now materials such as Kevlar and reeds enriched with liquid crystals have also become important.


the length of our rod should be according to the spot. That will host the fishing trips. A shorter rod is more manageable, allows exact launches penalizing throwing range.

Weight balancing:

a well-balanced barrel allows less fatigue of the fisherman’s arm and wrist. For pipes that have a high length over 8 meters. It will be almost impossible to balance perfectly reel and cane. The solution is to find a support for them during the longest fishing sessions.


It is a basic term for all fishing techniques requires repeated launches. An excessively heavy cane will strain our arm too fast. It has less importance for types of fishing in which the cane is held in hand only during combat trolling.

The sensitivity of the tip:

a barrel with a little sensitive tip does not allow perceiving the bite of the fish or an exact use of the artificial baits. A sensitive and reactive tip allows an excellent of the prey also using very elastic nylon.


Buying rods with important brands, we will be sure to get a good price in the sale of used items and above all a strong demand from possible buyers; buying cheap barrels, the resale is zero.

Rigid and soft:

Fishing rods can be classified according to a variety of criteria. The rigid and the semi-rigid allow you to launch easily and suitable for amateurs. This characteristic also affects the sensitivity of the fish to the eaten.


The barrel should not be longer than about 3.20 meter because it is inconvenient for boat use. The choice of the stem should make in relation to the fishing spot. The casting ranges from 60 grams up to over 200 grams. The action of the barrels is typically tip and the stem is particularly rigid to counteract the weight of the seals used. Some rods provide the compatibility of the peaks to obtain different fishing actions or to use a lower weight. A good strategy is to stay on medium ones, which allow the greatest versatility and flexibility.


The device makes the reel immobile, aligning it to the structure of the stem. There are three types:

Reel seat with lower stop:

the upper part of the reel seat is fixed while the lower end has a closing clip. That slides on a track to adapt to any size of the reel hooking.

Reel seat with a front block:

it is performed on spinning rods the reel must be inserted first into the lower seat of the reel seat. Then the upper part of the reel is screwed to allow the right positioning of the lifting equipment. The rod must be able to transfer the vibrations of the cephalopods in the barrel. At the same time to pick up quickly, your prey before it can move away.

Screw reel seat:

it is used more in low-cost tools the upper part is generally fixed, while the lower end is screwed on itself to block the reel. Trolling rods usually use two rings, interspersed with a rubber membrane. It allows an exact and effective fixing of the reel to the barrel.

The materials and the handle:

The handle allows you to keep the barrel firmly secured, preventing it from slipping or rotating. The most common types of handles are cork used mostly in freshwater and spinning rods in neoprene used for sea fishing, with a high resistance to corrosion. Currently, the fishing rods are almost all made of carbon fiber. This is an innovative material guarantees flexibility and strength. That has replaced the traditional glass fiber. If you look at the price, you will find out. It is certainly not cheap products made of mixed fiber are still available, which are more reasonably priced and therefore more affordable for a beginner. Additional significant parameters to pay attention to the materials of the wire must not be to overheat. The rings must be small and light to facilitate the function of guiding the line.


The rings allow the wire to slide along the stem of the fishing rod. There are all types of’ metal, plastic, double bridge, and a single bridge on the market. These have the resistant and speedily dissipate the heat for avoiding the wear of the wire. The use of braid instead of the classic nylon is also essential.

Frame with great flexibility:

The main materials used in the construction of the stems are:

Glass fiber: almost all of us started our fishing journey using a rod of this type. It is a versatile material, durable over time, more resistant than carbon and is suitable for most situations. It is much heavier than carbon and very economical material. It does not allow a good use of artificial baits. The action of glass fiber rods is often parabolic.

Carbon fiber:

it is a very light material expensive allows a great sensitivity both of bait and prey in the barrel. It is advisable to purchase stems with spigot grafts, which, being more robust, allow a better bending of the rods. Finding the best product is therefore not always that simple. With the purchase advice provided, you can decide more consciously and choose the ideal product for your needs. To find best catfish rods 140 it is therefore important to check the tests.

The best uses of catfish rod for great catfishing:

The fishing rod is the loyal companion of every angler the weapon with which every fight is faced with both a small fish and a trophy marlin.

The fixed barrel:

It is the advancement of fishing with the wire in hand and is the first type of cane. It is not equipped with rings and reel-holder. It is composed by the stem and by a small tip ring that allows the joining of the line. This rod does not allow the bait to cast beyond the length of its stem. The great elasticity of some ingots allows to fish with extremely small diameter wires 0.12 – 0.10 allows you to position our primer always at the same point, optimizing the baiting.

Grafted rods:

they are bulkier than the telescopic ones and the relative assembly requires more time and concentration. The advantage of these is the best accuracy in casting, the greater resistance to wear the very sensitive tip and finally, the stems have a better curvature.

Telescopic rod:

The telescopic rod prepared with reel-holder and used above all for fishing with the float. It is very expensive and sometimes very delicate rods. The length of the barrel varies more than 15-20 meters pitches equipment. That has the advantage of the curve of the stem. The highest weight can throw directly with this rod.


it is a barrel often reaches the length of 10 m and mostly used for fishing in the river and in torrents looking mainly for trout. A peculiarity of this barrel is given by the option of quickly changing its length by means of suitable fixing bushings. It allows the bait to a position at the desired distance. It is an extremely rigid rod to have sensitivity on the bait and on the bite even in streams with high current.

Spinning rod:

it is a reed from the thousands of variables. The length of the barrel will be decided based on the range of the desired launch and the obstacles between the fisherman and the water level. For the spinning in current, we use stems of length that varies between 1.80 m up to 2.10 m. It will be necessary an excellent precision.  When it comes to fishing in the sea, you must instantly make a difference between fishing from the boat and fishing from the ground. Before buying the best fishing rod, you should know the details configuration of the fishing rod.

The fishing rod for the boat:

Fishing from the boat, on the other hand, foresees other very different techniques: vertical jigging, trolling, light or heavy fishing, spinning fishing on the food or fishing for cephalopods. The jigging rod is instead a long barrel from 1.50 m to 1.90 m. It is a sturdy and powerful reed capable of animating metal artificial jigs can up to 300-400 grams. The fishing jig for vertical jigging is usually composed of two pieces heel and stem to resist fish such as dentex, amberjack or in extreme cases even tuna. Below we highlight five of the most clicked models on the net. We present the best, most and cheap for low prices and cheap reviews.

Catfish Spinning Combo:

These rods are solid and rigid and allow you to make your long distance over the waves where the fish graze. The typical fish of surfcasting fishing is the sea bream. The power transmission gear is high strength. Very compact and telescopic, it has a generously sized two-tone aluminum coil.

Catfish Spinner fishing rod:

The spinning is instead of the long canes also provides up to 3 meters. A spinning rod must be fast and light and allow us to cast our artificial ones at a huge distance. Each spinning rod has a different weight that equals the highest weights that we can throw. The typical fish of the spinning fishing from the ground is the sea also; barracudas, greenhouse fishes, and tuna can be captured easily.

Catfish Commando Fishing Rod:

The heavy-duty catfish rods provide long and light rods, able to fight fish with the sole strength of the stem. Often these rods have more ramps of rings than other fishing rods to get more sensitivity when the fish approaches your bait. The target species are bream, sea bream, sea bass, etc.

SuperCat Casting Rod:

A SuperCat Casting rod must be sensitive, fast as well as being rather short. A SuperCat Casting Rod reed rarely exceeds 2.20 meter this to be more comfortable while searching for your prey in the canals or in the rocky ravines.

Beach surfcasting rods:

This rod with the same characters as surfcasting rods but which are distinguished by having a lower power. Considering that, the weights to cast will be in the order of 60 – 100 grams.

The trolling fishing rod:

The trolling rods are short and sturdier. It is able to live bait and at the same time capable of towing with the lead down riggers weighing over kg. Trolling rods can be ringed with normal rings or with pulley rings that allow a perfect sliding of the larger thread especially if we are looking for big fish like tuna or swordfish.

I write another article about another catfishing equipment. Hope you will enjoy those too.

Baitcaster Reel For Catfish

Spinning Reel For Catfish

Fishing Line For Catfish

Rod and Reel Combo For Catfish



We recommend to chooses products freely and services that can be purchased online. Before buying the best fishing rod try to know, it’s how details feature. If you use the best catfish rod list above, you can find many products that are perfectly suited to the needs of the customer, before proceeding with the actual purchase. To conclude, it is necessary to carry out a comparison to get the product that best suits your needs, belonging to the Cat Fishing category. With our best catfish rod it will be possible, to make an effective decision that is more accurate.

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