Best Reels For Catfish

8 Best Reels For Catfish In 2020 [Catfish Special]

Best reels for catfish! Fishery rocks are usually a big issue for catching catfish and this final guide to catfish reels has been provided to provide the area that wastes a lot of fresh catfish fisheries.

Even though there is a small knowledge of the features of the release of a good catfish reels and needs, you can save a lot of money, time and headaches for a long time. In this note, this guide will allow you to have a deep understanding of the best catfish reels to use and everyone's needs.

Much more, it can tell you about the reliability and disaster of each reel so that you can know about your weaknesses or strength before choosing a reel. In this way, you can achieve the best with your reels.

The guide will combine frequently asked questions that can assist you in answering the main concerns about this type of train. Therefore, the great guide that you need to read before buying the best catfish reel.

Below I write about 8 Best catfish reels. Hope you will enjoy.

8 Best Fishing Reels For Catfish



Product Name




Ming Yang Black CL60 Baitcast Fishing

Ming Yang Black CL60 Baitcast 

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Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Catfish Special Round Baitcast

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Catfish Special Round Baitcast

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Zebco Quantum BCXT30C, BX3, Big Cat XT Baitcast Reel

Zebco / Quantum BCXT30C, BX3, Big Cat XT Baitcast Reel

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KastKing Rover Round Reel Review No 1 Rated Conventional Reel

KastKing Rover Round Reel Review: No. 1 Rated Conventional Reel


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Okuma Classic Level Wind Trolling Reel Review

Okuma Classic Level Wind Trolling Reel Review

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Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Reel C4-6601

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Reel C4-6601

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Penn Pursuit II Spinning Fishing Reel

Penn Pursuit II Spinning Fishing Reel

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Top 8 Best Catfish Reels

Ming Yang Black CL60 Baitcast Fishing

Ming yang reels for catfish black CL60 is another solution water Baitcaster reel that requires strong construction to take big catfish. I think this is The Best Fishing Reel For Catfish Under 50$. Great price value. Black CL 60 is highly rigorous and has a well-known reputation among research firms for surfing for research, and simplicity and reliability for a rock. 4.2: 1 Gear ratio provides a large fish cinch to the torque and still retrieves the 34-inch line of the crank per line. Ming Yang black CL60 can hold 180lds 14lb mono of aluminum spool in its machine and drag stainless steel to 16 pounds. Oversized reel provides a solid foundation of the foot, and we like to handle big with its wooden cranking knob. This reel is an old-school look and no idea about it - it only works. If you need a good cooling reel for catfish but want to stay at a lower price, it is perfect.


  • Gear Ratio with New Loader Clicks 4.2: 1
  • Some Clutch Anti-Reverse Bearing Reducing Chrome
  • Plated Brass Frame Aluminum
  • Side Plate Machine Aluminum Spool Android Gold Smooth
  • Main Gear Applauded Straps Drag System
  • Selective Dual centrifugal and mechanical breaks on the on / off byte clock

What we like

  • easy-to-operate control
  • Heavy metal
  •  High capacity
Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Catfish Special Round Baitcast

Abu Garcia's Ambassadeur Catfish Reel is a specially designed circular reel for catfish. It is smooth with a roller bearing as well as three stainless ball bearings. A carbon matrix is ​​compatible by drag system and smooth drag is possible. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Catfish Relay focuses on the central bridge with a 6-pin system. This brake system has uniform pressure spread for a nice precise throw. Another additional feature of the Abu Garcia catfish reels is a feature that is helpful in dealing with hard-to-wear fish. This is the expanded bent cranking grips and power knob that gives the extra torque. Reel is able to deal with large blues, channel cats and other wild catfish species such as large fish species. It has 320/12 mono power, 310/30 inner power, maximum 15 lbs maximum drag, 5: 3: 1, 26 inch gear ratio, 11.6 greed weight and right arm restored.


• Circular baitcast rail, especially for round fishing boat fishing

• Engineer for polishing with 3 stainless force bearings and 1 roller bearing

• Carbon matrices drag system provides smooth and consistent drag

• 6-pin central brake introduces consistent pressure for an exceptional precise cast

• Increased lower cranking handles and strength energy offer added torque for hard-drawn fish

What we like

Since the liquid fluid operation offers flawlessly formatted bearings there is a nice smooth recovery in the reel.


For a special catalyst reel from Abu Garcia, visit the Ambassadeur C3-6500 Catfish Special. This reel is a choice of many professional catfish guides, and it's built on the time-tested C3 round reels platform. It is a heavy duty catfish reels at 21.5oz, but it reduces the slow speed of 100 pounds to 20 pounds of mono or 600 lb 30-pound embryo and slams 20lbs to grow in carbon drags. Catfish is at low speeds of 5.3: 1, so you lose a little bit of speed for recovery but get the torque to work with heavy weight and big fish. All Operating Controls for CATFISH SPEED is easy to work with gloves or at night. Better clicking on this rock - so loudly you can hear it in the boat. We also like non-folded down-down screws that can work in the fields of bad tangle or mud and water immersion areas. It's a nice rock that will stand up to tough use.


• Baitcast liner designed for strength, smooth operation, and accuracy

• Engineer for polishing with 3 stainless force bearings and 1 roller bearing

• Carbon matrices drag system provides smooth and consistent drag

• 6-pin central brake introduces consistent pressure for an exceptional precise cast

• Increased lower cranking handles and strength energy offer added torque for hard-drawn fish

• Carbon matrix drag system

• Unrelenting power and premium performance

• Six Pin Central Brake

What we like

• Durable, real construction

• Handle with gloves

• Swedish-built

Zebco Quantum BCXT30C, BX3, Big Cat XT Baitcast Reel

Best Zebco reel for catfish BCXT30C has been performing well even after the production of genetic construction in China, and it started looking for what is needed for stability at very reasonable price points. It is manufactured in trolling app handle and can air 30lb braid of 30lb mono's 225yds or 767yds of its oversized aluminum spool. A graphite frame keeps everything together and keeps a 2-bearing system and rationally recovers. The big cat does not have a positive feeling of 3 or 5-rolling relay, but the price is more friendly to the conscious fishermen. Easy to handle side-mounted clutch liver, we like big, strong crank handles, and easy to drag during combat. Big Cat XX takes place without a hit in our test, and it's a good choice for those who like low-price reels.


  • Round Rope Aluminum Frame
  • With Bate Clock And Synchronized Layer Air Specification
  • Reel Handle Position:
  • Right - Gear Ratio: 4.2: 1
  • Bearing Calculation: 2 - Mono power (yards / lbs): 455/30

What we like

• Large, easy-to-operate control

• Robust construction

• High capacity

KastKing Rover Round Reel Review No 1 Rated Conventional Reel

How nice! Talk about a strong and smooth rock and price sweeps off my feet! Frankly, I was surprised by the function and quality of this best catfish baitcasting reel. I hope I buy it instead of just one to try it. Crazily enough, I have to catch big catfish and alloy with this model. I'm glad I went with the kvetching. In addition, their customer service hands down best.

However, this fishing reel in Kastking highlighted my expectations and provided me with the most rewarding fishing experience. If you are looking for a profitable impressive casting reel which is well-formed, then the Kastking rover rounds the baitcasting reel will perform commensally.

Undoubtedly, this is the best catfish reel 2018 available on the market today. This award-winning premium product includes level-air line guides, six secure stainless steel ball bearing and 5: 3: 1 gear ratio, hard-end aluminum alloy spool and central brakes.

Key Features

• Have a nice performance central braking system

Great for trolling or bottom fishing

• If the handle is spin it does not emit a hamming word

• It is an affordable liner and it offers everything to consider is very cheap

• It is high quality corrosion resistant materials which provide the possibility of using it in salt water and ensure long stability

• Six stainless steel ball bearings provide smooth operation

What we like

• Durable

• Smooth design

• Easy to use

• Have great flexibility

Okuma Classic Level Wind Trolling Reel Review

The classic level air star at Okuma catfish reels offers a variety of interesting features that will appeal to various different anglers. It may be difficult to find the right trolling relay with many options to choose from, but it is especially popular because of durability and versatile design.

This trolling reel's main selling point definitely builds its intensive stability and solid overall build. Corrosion resistant spool and side plate make this rail saltwater optimum for fishing. When you go fishing in the open ocean, you never have to worry about the need to go to the crib, which is always a good thing.

CLX-200La has a gear ratio of 5: 1: 1, 23 recovery rate and bourcing bearings. CLX-300La has a weight of 15 pounds, bearings bearing, 17 pounds maximum drag, gear ratio of 3: 8: 1 and recovery rate of 24.


  • Corrosion resistant material
  • Port frame design in graphite
  • The stainless steel hose adds rock hardness
  • Durable bushings for annoying use
  • T-Style knobs with power handle

Like it

• Effective durable and solid overall design.

• Lightweight corrosion resistant frame

• Very low prices

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Reel C4-6601

Abu Garcia Ambassador of Reel C 4-6601!  Super Smooth Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C4 Classic Round baitcast reels suitable if you need quick recovery of your polishing. Combines four stainless steel bearings with ambassador C4's instant anti-reverse and its non-slip spool to get the splendid hook setting. Ambassador C4 is a six pin central brake, carbon matrix drag system and chemical coating complete with Lelevelin system. Abu Garcia Ambassador C4 Classic Round baitcast reels provides you with Casting confidence, high speed recovery and incredible closure power to handle large fleet operations. Specifications: Line Capacity: 12/320 Mono 30/310 Bread Bearing: 5 Gear Ratio: 6.3: 1 Weight: 10.9oz


• Catfish reel with bait clicker liner delivers exceptional durability, strong drag, and smooth operation

• Engineering for polishing with 4 stainless force bearings and 1 roller bearing

• Carbon matrices drag system provides smooth and consistent drag

• 6-pin central brake introduces consistent pressure for an exceptional precise cast

• Compact bent handle and star wheel for comfortable reeling

What we like

• Splendid Hook setting.

 • Smooth design

• Easy to use

Penn Pursuit II Spinning Fishing Reel

Following your interest in whether you're following the next catch or the next cache, Penn Reels Pursuit 2 creates a great train for such charging. Anglers Pursuit rave about the feelings of the second feather light. Its ultra-liquid gear system keeps the reels similar to shame and an oil flawless line resistance resulted in the drag effect. Although Abu Garcia is like a rail with more features like Orra Schmoy, I still believe the Penn catfish reels create a sturdier product.

Search II proudly displays its tough black color with silver trimming. A solid graphite frame helps repels corrosion than weight loss and aluminum components. Casting stainless steel bearings contribute to marine protection like Sedona. Search 2 reel is available in anglers in 5 different size models.

Key Features

  • Penn Reels Pursuit 2 seems to make more effort in a stable design than packing all kinds of fancy features in their railways.
  • Penn keeps lots of effort to stay up-to-date with current technology.
  • Keep an eye on fishermen's features on the Penitent II spinning relays.

What we like

  • easy-to-operate control
  • Stable design
  • High capacity

Buying guide for best catfish reels

When choosing your favorite catfish reel at a fair price you need a lot of things to check. To help you with these, there are some tips below to help you make the right decision before installing reels for your Catfishing.

Overall construction

Catfish species are aggressive and even small members of the family are capable of placing a rod immersion, shouting screams.

If you choose any reel you want to make sure that it looks like a fish that can be made to handle the pressure, heavy duty reels, metal gear and even stout handle.

Generally, graphite or composite reel aluminum will wear much faster than making.

Line Capacity

There are two rules regarding catfish and line:

1. You need heavy duty lines, perhaps braided to catch the catfish.

2. You need a lot of it.

Multiple monofilament and braided as well as heavy tests - Find a rail designed to handle 20 pounds or more.

While the small reel may be heavy tested and large cats may be able to land, you will see that one or two breaks will leave you the shortend and a reel will change or re-spooling.


It is important to drag the species with a railroad regardless of targets, because it hitting the fish and controlling how the line responds when moving down to deep water.

Choosing the right drag will keep your line spinning or reel harmful to your running fish so that it does not get easy, but it is possible to choose the best drag. Most high end rail carbon washers are used and I would recommend avoiding anything else.

Gear ratio

Another wrong misunderstanding and neglected aspect of choosing a quality train for the gear ratio. How many lines are returned to the relay with each turn of the handle, determines the ratio of the gear.

For example, a 5: 1 gear ratio means that each turn of the handle, spool spins 5.

The reels usually range from 2.5: 1 to 7.5: 1, exceeding it in some additional fast reels.

While targeting catfish, you need a slightly faster proportion than the average, which gives the ability to tire a fish and present large fish in the water, allowing quick recovery of the slack. You recommend this for a gear ratio of 5: 1 to 6.5: 1.


Many do not consider the angle handle as an integral part of their relay, but when you stretch long coast or strengthen big fish in the boat, the handle takes the importance of a new level.

Most catalyst reels use a single firm instead of a pair of pots with the popular pedal wheel and heavy duty rocks will consist of a balance against the firmness.

Generally, larger grips provide better control and more power, this is true for the same handles. Finding the key handle that is not strong enough to just complete the task, but it is quite comfortable to use.

It is recommended that you try various different versions before you choose. Thankfully, if you change your mind, there are many train handles that can be modified or upgraded to meet personal preferences.

What type of catfishing reel is best?

There are three possible reel types to combat catfish: spin casting, Quinn and bait casting. Yes, there are other reel types in the market, such as Fly Reel, but they are not designed for Catfish, so we will release them today.

For now, we will focus on the top three for catching cats and how they are fit, or not fit.

Spincast Reels

First on the list is Spincast Reel, the most likely first relay you have ever used. This easy push button design is easy to use - primarily because it is so popular with beginners - and easy to maintain.

Although it can be used for entry-level catfishing, such as pulling bathed or small channels from the farm pond, it has serious limitations.

Due to its small size, due to the light line and poor construction overall, you cannot succeed successfully landing large cats without a lucky cat.

• Role layer is okay for fishing

• Catching small species from the coast or boat

• Not designed for larger, heavy species

• Gear ratio is suitable for good bait fishing but suitable for long run or fights

• Limit and quantity are available in both cases limited line capacity

• Spincasting hay with bit dress is very rare to find out

Spinning reels

Spinning reels a big step from spincasting reels and popularity among catfish anglers has increased, especially those who use bets for organisms such as flatheads.

There was a time when the person shown for the catfish with a Quaffed Reel was labeled "amateur" immediately, but more guides and warm catfish enthusiasts are looking at the possible benefits of spinning reels.

Spinning reels come in large quantities that are highly adapted for the use of Open Ocean saltwater, although the smaller version may be slightly better than the spincasting rail, big boys can take sharks, so a catfish is better in their range.

However, there are still limitations, that are why they cannot go for this particular species, in that they are not compatible with many catfish rods. Again, they are usually not available with a bat clock.

Larger model than being able to land a big bed, but it could mean selecting a larger, more expensive saltwater model

• Easy to use; less learning curve

• Most are not easily compatible with catfish rods

• Hard to use with rod holders

• Some models include catfish reel with bait clicker

Baitcasting reels

Bait casting reels are the most popular and most widely reels until it comes to targeted catfish.

They have the ability to hold heavy tech constructions, heavy lines (and plenty of it) and free power, they have a Bait casting reels for each catfish boldness.

Small baiting reels that match a quality rod may be even made to catch cats larger than comparatively spincasting or spinning reels, but it is still recommended that you match your selection with the species you are following.

There is a bit of learning curve involved in using baitcasting reels, especially if you expect to live from a terrible bird's nest, but once it is hanging you can find this reliable design as the head of your fishing tackle.

As it has been said before, it's even more than capable of landing the largest catfish, when you call for live bytes, a queen reel can be found for it.

• Heavy duty construction is perfectly suited to fight even the largest species

• Designed to provide strength and strength for the catfish

• Large line power

• Very little maintenance is needed

• The best catfish rods designed specifically for this type of rail

• It may be hard for beginners to master

• Not necessarily the best choice when using a live bate

Additional information questions (FAQ)

How does the size of the catfish affect the type of reel I can choose?

Recognition that large cat may sometimes grow up; Up to 50 pounds is so common. This means that you should have a rock that can withstand lots of pressure from the huge pressure caused by the fish. Therefore, the size of your catfish will always affect the reel you need.

Does the fishing environment affect the type of my reels?

It is usually recommended that you bear your mind where you are doing your catfishing. A survey against potential obstacles that can damage your lines and make your reel worse. These reasons will probably take you a long lasting reel.

What type of major catalyst reel I have to choose and they are managed in the same way?

Three types of fishing vessels, bet cast reel, spin cast reel and queen reel the basic idea is the same, you start a grip then drag the fishing line and you catch the fish. In addition to the basics, they are unique in each and every way.

If you've got relay and rods now, use it to work according to the type of rod needed. Some reels work for that special rock that can work with a specific guide. For example, the use of Ready 2 uses Catfish Relay with its user guide, and this means that when you follow these guidelines properly, you are more likely to succeed with your catfishing.

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Final words

Having the best reels for catfish will be a very important factor in your fishing adventure and will improve your odds a lot. On the other hand, due to the lack of proper rocks, you will be slightly unpleasant. As a word of caution, you can believe that a rock, just a rock. Well, some people think it might be right. Nevertheless, if you are expected to improve the catfishing, it is not advisable to ignore recommendations for the correct reels.

The Catfishing Reel is not something expensive and you do not have to spend great money on what you can do. So, before you spend your money anywhere, does a great research on the best catfish reel. Consider all the factors that can be unique to you and go for your favorite relay.

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