KastKing Sharky III Review

KastKing Sharky III Review

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Fishing can be a hobby, a profession or even a sport. Whatever it is, you’ve got to have the right gear. Unless you got a combo set, you’ll have to purchase your fishing gear separately. This article is about the best fishing reel that will fit your fishing gear.

It would be a challenging task to choose which reel is the best for hassle-free fishing. There are so many brands, so many features, and specs and the options seem endless.


KastKing Sharky III Review

We know that searching for the right fishing reel can take time away from your favorite pass time of fishing. So, we’ve done the research for you and found KastKing Sharky III as the best fishing reel that really works and that fits your needs.

KastKing Sharky III is the real versatile warrior that can handle any monster from the river to the ocean. If you are aiming at big fish especially from saltwater then you’ll be glad to have it. Like a true workhorse, this reel can drag to 39.5 lbs with triple disc carbon fiber.

There are some specific features to which you should know about Sharky III that makes this reel more innovative than others. Keep the features listed below in mind when you are looking for;



Sharky III are great lightweight fishing reels that work with a high percentage fiber fortified graphite body and rotor! So, you really don’t have to worry about weight while fishing.



You will love Sharky III for some special elements that make it the most powerful fishing reel ever. It has 39.5LBs/18KG of smooth, reliable triple disc carbon fiber drag which can crank up to 40 pounds of drag on fish.


Smooth Line

This reel has a smooth line management system with triple-disc carbon thread drag which allows you to retrieve and give up smoothly. Through this reel you can have the perfect balance to get a large fish.


Anti-Slip Grips

It has complete anti-slip control in the wettest conditions. The reel got an elastic area with multiple grip spots so your line won’t slip even in the worst condition.



Sharky III spinning reels are sealed with a “K.I.S.S or the KastKing Intrusion Shield System” that protects the reels from water, corrosion, and dirt. This system helps keep water and dirt out.



When considering a fishing reel, price should be a consideration but Sharky III comes at an affordable price. If we compare the features with its price, we can realize it provides the best features for fishing with ease and comfort.



This outstanding reel comes in 5 different sizes. Each size is larger and in sizes 1000–5000 that can handle more line and provides the brute force for fighting larger game fish. Prices are around $50 to $60, it provides the best features for fishing.

The features of the 5 sizes are comparatively the same but there is some uniqueness that would be found as well.

KastKing Sharky III Spinning Fishing Reel,Size 2000



KastKing Sharky III 1000

The drag is super smooth. You can feel straight where the drug working. The handle is a bit loose but it’s super fast at winding in. You wouldn’t get any resistance winding in at all. This reel supposedly has shielded bearings that will keep the dirt out of it. And it’s supposed to be water off the reel. You can throw this reel without having to bother with it.

Key Features

  • Graphite Frame
  • Max Drag; 33.0 lbs
  • Mono Line Capacity; 6/200 8/170 Lbs/Yds
  • Braid Line Capacity; 20/200 30/170 Lbs/Yds
  • Wight; 7.4 oz
  • IPT: 27.8
  • Reversible Retrieve left/right



KastKing Sharky III 2000


The KastKing Sharky III 2000 is a small lightweight reel that comes with 5:2:1 gear ratio. It has 10+1 ball bearings in it. That is why it is going ultra-smooth.

The cool thing about these new Sharky III 2000 is, the braid is ready so you don’t have to worry about backing up your spool with mono. If you are going out saltwater fishing, this reel is really good for trout, inshore snug, some redfish.

Key Features

  • Graphite Frame
  • Max Drag; 33.0 lbs
  • Mono Line Capacity; 6/220, 8/190 Lbs/Yds
  • Braid Line Capacity; 20/200, 30/190 Lbs/Yds
  • Wight; 9.1 oz
  • IPT: 27.8
  • Reversible Retrieve left/right



KastKing Sharky  III 3000


KastKing Sharky  III 3000 is a very decent reel with the quality of reel for such a fair price. It has many nice touches, braid ready aluminum spool, carbon fiber washers for the drag, larger than average bail. The drag setting is great and no lockups.

The loading line is not a stress factor whatsoever. The reel got a rubber section with multiple grip spots so your line won’t slip around after the first few turns to toss line on after that it was fast and furious with no miss laps.

Key Features

  • Graphite Frame
  • Max Drag; 33.0 lbs
  • Mono Line Capacity; 8/220, 10/175 Lbs/Yds
  • Braid Line Capacity; 20/200, 40/175 Lbs/Yds
  • Wight; 9.2 oz
  • IPT: 29.7
  • Reversible Retrieve left/right



KastKing Sharky  III 4000


The reel’s compact size and extreme power make it pair up well with a large weight braided line and a solid rod to take on any freshwater fish from pond, lake or river. This can go on a light, through the middle power, and up to a fairly heavy rod. It may look a little odd at the extremes, but it can definitely work with proper line sizes spooled on. It would be a great reel to get a few extra spools for.

The braid is ready and attached the braid right to it, no backing or tape will be required.

Key Features

  • Graphite Frame
  • Max Drag; 39.5 lbs
  • Mono Line Capacity; 10/220, 12/200 Lbs/Yds
  • Braid Line Capacity; 40/140, 50/120 Lbs/Yds
  • Wight; 10.2 oz
  • IPT: 31.8
  • Reversible Retrieve left/right



KastKing Sharky III 5000


One of the best value reels for under $60. The carbon drag, braid ready, water resistance, screw-in handle are convenient features that are worth mentioning. KastKing Sharky III 5000 is very lightweight and well built as well.

Key Features

  • Graphite Frame
  • Max Drag; 39.5 lbs
  • Mono Line Capacity; 12/220, 14/190 Lbs/Yds
  • Braid Line Capacity; 50/140, 65/90 Lbs/Yds
  • Wight; 10.6 oz
  • IPT: 33.8
  • Reversible Retrieve left/right


Final Words


The brand KastKing is broadly known in the market for its fishing reels. Their items are known to be truly outstanding among the various items in the fishing business.

Thus, without any second thought, you can be assured that the items will be of acceptable and high caliber.

KastKing Sharky III comes with a great look yet contains many progressed and better features over the past model.

The new and improved Sharky III is extraordinary compared to other fishing reels in the market. The features are astonishing and allow everybody to catch huge fish without hardly lifting a finger.

Furthermore, if you are a professional at fishing, then it gives you significantly more components to get your ideal fish with incredible solace. Whether it is your profession or hobby to catch fish, you can try the Sharky III. We believe it will live up to your desires and fulfill you as needs be.

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